German Chamber of Commerce

Call for Input to the Chinese Government


Your Company’s Contribution in Reaching China's Decarbonization Goals

Following a severe and impactful round of power cuts, with a national action plan on decarbonization in the making, we would like to better understand what your company can contribute to reaching China’s ambitious goals – peaking carbon emissions before 2030 and becoming carbon neutral by 2060.

These goals will create new market opportunities: with many years of experience in the Chinese market, German companies are well-positioned to provide innovative and sustainable solutions which match the local market conditions.

To support the German Chamber’s plan to showcase German companies’ contribution to the Chinese government and to help shape the upcoming plans surrounding China’s national decarbonization plans, the German Chamber of Commerce in China is asking its members for their input on the following questions:

  1. Does your company develop/distribute products, services, and/or solutions that can contribute to the decarbonization goals?
  2. How is your company preparing for the implementation of the goals? (e.g., green energy supply, considering suppliers’ carbon footprint, energy-saving facilities, adapting production processes, carbon-reduced products)

Companies interested to contribute, may use the below form to answer these questions in English and Chinese at their earliest convenience and submit the documents to Dr. Constanze Wang, Head of Government Affairs & Advocacy at wang.constanze(at)

Download the Form

Companies are asked to keep each item short and to list specific examples for both questions. For detailed information regarding a certain product, they may attach related material separately.