Weihai City


Weihai is located in the easternmost part of Shandong Peninsula, the core of Northeast Asia and Bohai Economic circle; is the closest city of China to South Korea. Weihai is an important production base of fishing gear, tires, carpets, medical polymer products, printers, new materials and so on. 

Human Resources

  • 100,000 students in colleges and universities
  • 11 institutes of higher learning
  • 20,000 high-quality graduates per year
  • 800,000 skilled industrial workers
  • The average employee turnover rate is less than 15%
  • 300,000 technicians
  • 650,000 talents with minimum a college degree and professional technical qualifications
  • 20,000 engineers and other senior management personnel
  • Weihai Qingdao and Yantai have formed a one-hour Shandong peninsula city circle, where a large number of high-end talents, professional engineering technicians and skilled workers can be shared.


  • 1st UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour Award in China
  • China’s 1st National Sanitary City
  • China-South Korea FTA Regional Economic Cooperation Demonstration Area

Weihai International Port Economic and Technological Development Zone (WIP)

WIP is a national-level economic development zone which located at the central part of Weihai City. Multiple foreign-funded enterprises have set up plants here, including Marquardt, Berger, K2 Sports, HOYA and other renowned multinational companies.

Primary Industries

  • New materials and application industry  
  • Electronic information industry
  • Electro-mechanical equipment manufacturing industry
  • Biomedical and food industry

Government Service

WIP will set up a one-on-one team for investors to help them work out the whole process (from site selection, company registration, daily operation to optimal approval).


For example:

(1) Hoya Project phase I 20,000m2 of non-standard plant, from the start of construction to equipment commissioning trial operation only four months.

(2) The 74,000m2 non-standard plant of K2 Project took only 10 months from construction to equipment commissioning and trial operation




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