Government Affairs & Advocacy

Government Affairs & Advocacy officially represents the interests of the German economy and German companies in China towards Chinese central and local governments. We regularly meet with Chinese central and local governments on key priorities of relevance to Sino-German trade and relations. We evaluate China’s economic policy developments and provide practical guidance for German companies. Additionally, we support German companies with specific government affairs cases.

Why We Advocate on Behalf of German Companies

China has been Germany's top trading partner for eight consecutive years, with around 5,000 German companies operating in China and supporting over one million jobs directly. Despite a slower than expected economic recovery, China remains uniquely significant to the German economy. The country's large consumer market, advanced supply chain infrastructure, and status as a strong innovator make it one of the most important markets for many German companies. However, regulatory challenges such as limited market access can undermine the competitiveness of German companies compared to their Chinese competitors.

Working to Create a Level Playing Field

Our advocacy efforts are focused on creating a favorable business environment for German companies operating in China. To achieve this, we actively engage with central and local government officials in over 80 meetings per year. Here we bring forward the pain points of German companies and have a dialogue across multiple government departments. We also ensure that the interests of German companies are considered when new laws are made by collecting feedback from member companies of the German Chamber via 'calls for comment' and ensuring the Chinese government is aware of them. To provide the government with helpful materials, we issue advocacy papers on topics that are relevant across multiple industries such as green energy. For specific cases, we give companies individual support in communicating with the authorities.

Helping to Put Policies into the Right Context 

We offer practical assistance and guidance to German firms navigating government affairs challenges in China and keep them informed about economic policy developments, evaluating what they mean for their business in China. Our three main regular publications include the Business Barometer, Policy Barometer, and Policy Snapshot. For ad hoc policy changes, we provide quick guidance and analysis. 

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Capturing Business Sentiment

The annual Business Confidence Survey is our primary tool for measuring the business sentiment of German companies operating in China. Since its launch in 2007, it has become one of the most representative samples of German business sentiment in China. Additionally, throughout the year, we conduct short surveys and reports that keep pace with changes in the Chinese market.

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Amplifying the Voices of German Companies

China’s economy, related policies and high-level meetings between Chinese and German officials receive significant media attention. Along with this, our publications, press conferences and press round tables attract interest of major German and Chinese media outlets. Our media work is critical not only in achieving balanced coverage, but also in advancing our policy positions. In 2023, our media work yielded over 45,000 mentions in German, Chinese and international news media (according to an analysis by media intelligence firm Unicepta).  

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Empowering Members with the Government Affairs Program

With our Government Affairs Program (GAP), we offer members of the German Chamber of Commerce in China an exclusive program to increase their impact with the Chinese government. The program includes briefings by the Chamber’s Executive Director, trainings and priority access to government meetings. One key benefit of this program lies in its tailored engagement and lobbying with high level government stakeholders.

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