Leping Town

Leping Town, as the key industrial zone of Sanshui District and an outstanding industrial town of Foshan, covers an area of 198.5KM². It is the core part of the Foshan High-Tech Industrial Zone and the Northern Foshan Strategic Emerging Industrial Park. At present, there are sufficient land resources. The base focuses on the development of Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing, Auto Vehicles and Parts, Electronic Appliance, New energy and Materials and Medical equipment with the aid of the e-commerce logistics industry.

The area is contiguous to the large and medium-sized city cluster in the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macao with a developed traffic network of water, land, air, railway and port. It is 35KM away from Guangzhou, 200KM away from Shenzhen and 195KM away from Macao, which is inside the 2-hour Hong Kong-Guangdong economic circle.


Leping Town, with a good investment environment and industrial cluster, has attracted 44 investment projects of Fortune 500 companies, including Faurecia and Valeo (France company), Citroen (Poland company), Mitsubishi, Honda and Toyota (Japanese company), etc. In addition to that, there are nearly 100 foreign-funded enterprises, including some famous German-funded enterprises such as: ZF (TRW Fawer Auto) represents Automobile and Parts, Wirtgen represents Special Equipment Manufacturing and Diehl Ako represents Smart Home Industry.

Projects in Leping Town can enjoy preferential policies of Foshan City, Foshan High-tech Zone and Sanshui Distinct, including but not limited to, up to RMB 100 million awards for major projects and RMB 20 million awards for headquarters migration to Leping Town, Sanshui District. In addition to that, we have the “All for you” Enterprise Service System, such as Union examination and approval and government agent service, which can help reduce costs and save your time in handling materials. In a word, this is a “housekeeping” service system with leaders in charge and specific team for service.


Have well-equipped industrial facilities. There are 7 110KV and1 220KV substations, while 6 110KV and 2 220KV substations are under construction. The North River and the West River have an annual flow of 300 billion cubic meters, and Leping Town supplies more than 300,000 cubic meters of water every day. Furthermore, natural gas is available and there are 4 large sewage treatment plants as well.

Have several incubation platforms and college intellectual support. Foshan Polytechnic (FSPT) (college), Guangzhou College of Technology and Business (undergraduate), Sanshui Polytechnic and other well-known universities in the province can provide sufficient human resources for the project. Besides, we have incubation platforms such as the Incubation Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Workstation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, High-tech Entrepreneurship Center, Guangdong Research Institute of Hefei University of Technology, and Medical Device Testing Center.


It is a liveable new park fit for industry. A place having a long history with three rivers meeting. A wonderland for industry with all kinds of advantages. An area full of vitality and opportunities to achieve dreams. A new industrial park with a lofty image. A liveable southern waterside town fit for business. Welcome to Leping Town!