Market Studies & Research

Reliable data is the foundation of every sound decision!​

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, we are your local partner when it comes to economic analyses and market studies. ​Be it as a ghostwriter for large law and consulting firms or in direct ​exchange with our end customers.​

We present complex issues in a structured manner and help you to assemble ​the most relevant market information for your business so that your next ​entrepreneurial decision is based on solid ground!​

We are looking forward to your exciting projects and to connect with you!​

Credit Reports / Background Checks

Are you doing business with a Chinese partner for the first time?
Would you like to get an overall impression of your already existing business partner in China?

We provide comprehensive background checks including several key figures and insights about your business partner! Our reports include the following information:

  • Founding date of the company
  • Share capital amount
  • Names of shareholders
  • Registration
  • Business area
  • Authorized representative
  • Financial Statement
  • Identification of creditworthiness