Vocational Education and Training

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AHK Greater China supports dual training at vocational schools and companies by introducing examination standards and issuing certificates. At the same time, we offer further training for teachers from vocational schools and trainers. We also consult companies that want to learn more about German vocational education and training. We help vocational schools internationalize their courses.

Our projects aim to train qualified workers for German companies in China and to ensure their leading position in the market. Our certificates are recognized and valued by German companies throughout China. Our goal is to ensure high quality.

More and more apprentices are taking part in AHK projects, thus acquiring a solid foundation for their careers. Graduates with AHK certificates are in demand by German companies. For many of our apprentices, the AHK certificate is the entry into a challenging future. The AHK apprentices of today are the managers of tomorrow - soon perhaps also in your company!

Cooperation principles

  • Cooperation with our partners is based on the principles of "equality, customer orientation, innovation, trustworthiness and excellence".
  • We cooperate exclusively with vocational schools, companies and institutions that are committed to vocational education with high quality.
  • AHK is open to all partners who have quality as their goal: We don’t grant exclusive licenses for agencies in China.
  • We don’t invest and manage AHK training centers in China.
  • The only official recognized AHK training center is the AHK Academy in Taicang, which is currently under construction.
  • Our services and prices are open and transparent.

2024 AHK Greater China Price List - Service for Vocational Education and Training

Important: Statement on the Unauthorized Use of “AHK” in Tendering and Bidding

Our services:

Initial vocational education

  • The worldwide famous German dual education is carried out in cooperation between vocational schools and companies. Most of the training majors last three years. The common theoretical knowledge is taught in vocational schools, while the practical training is carried out by companies. The content of the training is designed and implemented according to the real work tasks and assignments of companies. The training aims to provide apprentices with the practical skills which enable them to work efficiently and to grow together with their employer.
  • In Germany, the IHKs are legally responsible for the quality assurance of dual education standards in companies. AHK assists companies and VET-Institutions to achieve “German Quality Made in China” in the field of vocational education. As institution of German foreign trade promotion under the umbrella of DIHK, we offer the following services in China:
    • Introduction and adoption of German VET-curricula at Chinese VET-institutions
    • Consulting on preconditions for dual VET at Chinese vocational schools and enterprises
    • Enhancement of quality standards by German and Chinese experts
    • Support for the cooperation between vocational schools and German companies
    • Training of the trainers: AEVO training (Regulation on Trainer Aptitude) and examiner training courses
    • Implementation, processing and evaluation of AHK exams
    • Issuing AHK certificates.
  • At the moment we offer the initial vocational education of the following majors:
    • Mechatronics:Mechatronics technicians build complex mechatronic systems using mechanical, electrical and electronic assemblies and components. They test the individual components and assemble them into systems and machines. They prepare the finished systems for operation, program them or install the software. They also maintain and repair mechatronic systems. Mechatronics technicians find job positions in companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, vehicle, aircraft or spacecraft construction and medical technology.
    • Industrial mechanics:Industrial mechanics organize and control production processes and ensure that machines and production facilities are ready for operation. They build, install and network machines or production facilities. Maintenance and repair are also part of their duties. Industrial mechanics find job positions in companies in almost all manufacturing sectors.
    • Tool mechanics:Tool mechanics product stamping and injection moulds for series production and mechanical engineering. They use numerical control machines. With the help of lathe, milling, grinding and drilling machines, they manufacture the individual parts and assemble them into finished tools. Tool mechanics find job positions in companies of metal and plastics production, in toolmaking companies and in companies of precision mechanical or medical devices.
    • Metal cutting mechanics (CNC technology):Metal cutting mechanics product components, e.g. for machines or engines. They work with CNC turning, milling and grinding machines. They monitor the production processes and check whether dimensions and surface quality meet the specifications. They look for the reason of mechanical failures and rectify the problem. Metal cutting mechanics find job positions in mechanical engineering, metal processing and vehicle construction.
    • Electronics - automation technology:Electronics technicians for automation technology analyze functional interrelationships and process sequences of automated systems and design modifications or expansions. They install and adjust electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic systems and equipment for measurement, control and regulation. Electronics technicians for automation technology find job positions in manufacturers of industrial process control equipment, in electrical installation companies and in companies that use automation solutions.
    • Electronics - operating technology:Electronics technicians for operating technology install electrical components and systems in the field of electrical power supply, industrial operating systems, building systems and automation technology. They also program, configure, test and maintain systems and safety equipment. Electronics technicians for operating technology find job positions in manufacturers of industrial process control equipment, in electrical installation and power supply companies, and in companies that use production and operating equipment.
    • Vehicle mechatronics - passenger vehicle:

      Vehicle mechatronics technicians maintain mechanical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and equipment in cars. With the help of measuring and diagnostic equipment, they test and analyze for example drive assembly and level control systems. They lubricate parts, replace defective components, repair drive components or change lubricants. Vehicle mechatronics technicians find job positions in repair shops and vehicle manufacturers.

Train the trainer

To ensure and improve the quality of dual education, we offer AEVO and examiner training courses according to German standards.

  • AEVO training: AEVO training focuses on pedagogic and didactic methods which trainers should be able to master if they engage in duale vocational education. The training, which lasts eight days, covers four learning fields: 1. Checking of training requirements and training plan; 2. Enhancement of preconditions and recruitment of apprentices; 3. Implementation of training process; 4. Completion of training. AEVO courses enable participants to gain a deeper insight into dual education. Participants who pass the exam will receive the AEVO certificate from AHK.
  • Examiner training: The training, which lasts five days, provides knowledge about the entire process and standard of AHK final examinations, from preparation to implementation and evaluation. It also details how trainers develop and formulate the training plan. After the training and serving as a trainee examiner twice, participants can apply to become members of the AHK Examination Committee.

Consultation on vocational education and training

  • We provide consulting services to companies, vocational schools and governments who want to learn more about the implementation of German vocational education in China, the AHK examination and certification.
  • As an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), iMOVE (International Marketing of Vocational Education) supports networking with German companies in education and training sector. These service providers can offer further education and training in Germany for staff of companies and teachers of vocational schools, introduce German experts and trainers to China and provide learning materials and equipment for training centers. Our iMOVE online platform offers up-to-date information for any user who is planning to offer or purchase vocational education services in China.


iMOVE is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). As part of the international division at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), iMOVE promotes international collaboration and the initiation of cooperation and business relation-ships in vocational training and continuing education. Using the brand “Training - Made in Germany”, iMOVE promotes German competence in vocational education and training in international markets.

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