China-Germany (Xuchang) Industrial Park

The China-Germany (Xuchang) Industrial Park includes six parts: China-Germany (Europe) Recycled Metal Eco-City, North Area of Jian’an District Industrial Park, South Area of Jian’an District Industrial Park, East Extension District of Central Plain Electrical Valley, Bonded Logistics Center and Southwest Park of Economic Development Zone Industrial Park. We will promote agglomeration of four major industries, including advanced manufacturing, new generation information technology, new materials and energy conservation and environmental protection, in the “One Park and Six Parts”. Enterprises such as ALBA Group, Befesa, and XJ Schindler have settled in the Industrial Park.

6 Parts


Key Industries

China-Germany (Europe) Recycled Metal Eco-City


Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection industries, including recycled metal and its products, waste treatment and recycling (circular economy)

North Area of Jian'an District Industrial Park


Advanced manufacturing industries, including Energy-saving and environmental protection industries such as solid waste equipment, kitchen waste treatment equipment and automotive components manufacturing

South Area of Jian'an District Industrial Park


New generation information technology such as semiconductors, sensors, 5G equipment; bonded logistics, bonded processing and bonded maintenance, cross-border e-commerce and market trade purchasing, exhibition and financial services

East Extension District of Central Plain Electric Valley


New generation information technology such as 5G sensors, chip manufacturing and intelligent applications; advanced manufacturing industries such as intelligent power equipment; technology research and development

Bonded Logistics Center (Type B)


Bonded Logistics, Cross-border E-commerce

Southwest Park of Economic Development Zone Industrial Park


Biomedicine and Advanced Manufacturing industries such as elevators and key components, intelligent (power) equipment and industrial robots

Xuchang City is located in the central part of Henan Province with excellent regional transportation network. It is 80 kilometers away from Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, and 50 kilometers away from Xinzheng International Airport. The city enjoys rich labor resources and low labor cost. In 2021, the GDP of Xuchang reached 365.54 billion yuan (approx. 52.5 billion euros), ranking fourth in Henan Province, and the total import and export value was 25.46 billion yuan (approx. 3.7 billion euros), a year-on-year increase of 88.6%, ranking first in Henan Province. Besides, Xuchang City is the largest hair products production base in the world, the largest artificial diamond production base in Asia, an important power equipment production base in China, an important automotive components production base in China, and the largest renewable resources recycling base north of the Yangtze River.

Since 2016, Xuchang City has established liaison mechanisms with institutional platforms such as RSBK, AHK and CFEID e.V., and organized more than 10 investment promotion activities in Germany. More than 150 enterprises of Xuchang went to Germany for business talk and project matchmaking, and more than 60 companies from Germany and European countries have visited Xuchang over 70 times in exchange, helping to attract some German giants to invest in the city. The electric furnace steelmaking dust removal project of Befesa has completed and put into operation, and the kitchen waste treatment project of ALBA Group has been put into operation.   


On behalf of Xuchang Municipal Government, Xuchang Bureau of Commerce provides full-time coordination services for bilateral cooperation. The established Service Center for Exchange and Cooperation with Germany (Europe) also provides services in both English and German language.