German Wind Power Companies Directory

The German Wind Power Companies Directory was launched in 2021 and offers an overview of German wind energy enterprises operating in the Chinese market. It was unveiled at the China Wind Power 2021 exhibition and is distributed to attendees at all of our collaborative events and exhibitions related to wind power and other renewable energy industries.

German Wind Power Companies Directory 2022/2023

Wind energy is the most important source of renewable energy and the second-largest source of energy after brown coal in Germany. In 2020, Germany's installed onshore wind power capacity was 54.4 GW, and it is planned to be increased from the previous target of 71 GW to 95 GW by 2030.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, China, the biggest wind market in the world, saw the most development last year. The global offshore wind industry had its second-best year in 2020, with over 6 GW of new capacity installed. Half of the growth came from China, which added a record 3 GW capacity. According to the forecast of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), China will drive the global growth of this industry in the upcoming decade. In September 2020 at the 75th United Nations General Assembly, It is announced that carbon dioxide emissions in China would peak by 2030. By 2060, China would strive to achieve carbon neutrality. This statement represents China's long-term ambition and priorities in developing the green economy.

Wind power still has a huge potential to generate investment, create jobs, and renew critical infrastructure to achieve carbon-neutrality targets. In our latest edition of the German Wind Power company directory, you can find precious resources, which will help you to identify future partners and strengthen cooperation in the wind energy industry. The German companies listed in this directory hold extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding reputation in their industry sectors.

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