Zhuhai (National) Hi-Tech Zone 珠海高新技术产业开发区


The Zhuhai (National) Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone was established in 1992, and was among the first 54 state-level hi-tech zones approved by the States Council. The Zhuhai (National) Hi-Tech Zone has been committed to building an internationalized, market-oriented and law-based business environment that is stable, fair, transparent and predictable. It promotes constant reengineering of government process, and creates “Hi-tech Strength”, “Hi-tech Speed” and “Hi-tech Temperature” to serve enterprises. The Zhuhai (National) Hi-Tech Zone is only 1-hour driving away from Shenzhen through the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge (scheduled to open in 2024), serving as a demonstration area for Shenzhen-Zhuhai cooperation. A number of famous German companies, including SEMIKRON, Cherry, Harting, and Buehler Motor, have established their presence within the Zhuhai (National) Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, which is one of the initial batch of national hi-tech zones.


  • Semiconductor and IC Design
  • AI and Robotics
  • New Energy (Energy Storage、Smart Power Grid)
  • Biomedicine and Medical Equipment
  • Software and IT



1. Advantageous Location

  • 1 hour drive to Hongkong SAR
  • 30-min drive to Macao SAR
  • 50-min intercity railway to Guangzhou
  • 1-hour ferry to Shekou, Shenzhen through Tangjia Port
  • 1-hour drive to Shenzhen through Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage (open in 2024)
  • 1-hour drive to Zhuhai Airport, 30-min ferry to Shenzhen Airport


2. Talents Resource

The Zhuhai (National) Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone is the second largest hub of universities in Guangdong Province. There are 4 universities in the Zone, namely Sun Yat-sen University (ZH Campus), Beijing Normal University (ZH Campus), Beijing Institute of Technology (ZH College) as well as the United International College (UIC) between Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University.

There are over 70,000 students and faculties living in the Hi-tech Zone.


3. Housing for Talents

In 2022, the Zhuhai (National) Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone continued to increase the supply of affordable housing for talents by allocating 1,200 affordable apartments available for purchase and renting out over 5,000 units. The Zhuhai (National) High-Tech Industrial Development Zone offers 50% discount price (compared to the market value) to purchase personal real estate for eligible talents.


4. Livable Environment

  • Large Commercial Complexes (Baolong City, Gree Commercial Bay, etc.)
  • High-quality Apartments (Famous developers including Vanke, Huafa, Yanlord, etc.)
  • 57 Medical Institutions
  • 3 High Schools (Including 1 International School), 5 Middle Schools, 14 Primary Schools and 34 Kindergartens: 8,000 Students spots
  • Beautiful Environments: Honghuashan Forest Park, Qi’ao Mangrove Wetland, and Tangjiawan Beach



  • New Industrial Complex (Hi-standard Industrial Spaces)
  • The Zhuhai (National) Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone built over 3 million square meters of high-quality industrial space in 2022-2023, providing manufacturing-type enterprises with high standard spaces: 8-10 meters on the first floor, 4.5-6 meters height upstairs, load bearing 1.5-2 tons/㎡, professional industrial parks with complete supporting facilities, all constructed and operated by state-owned companies.
  • Monthly rent is no more than 20 RMB/㎡.



  • Land Price: 600-700 RMB/㎡ for industrial land
  • Office Rental Price: 35-55 RMB/㎡/Month
  • Industrial Water Price: 2.43 RMB/ton for water supply,1.4 RMB/ton for sewage treatment
  • Zhuhai Minimum Wage Standard: 1,900 RMB/Month (effective since 2021.12.1)
  • Factory Rental Price: Factory: 15-40 RMB/㎡/Month (No more than 20 RMB/㎡/Month for 5.0 New Industrial Complex)



Innovation Development Building, Jintang Road, Zhuhai,Guangdong Province,P.R.China 519000


Size (km²): 175

Website: www.zhuhai-hitech.gov.cn

Contact: 陶承超先生(Daniel Tao)

Phone: +86-13809800879

Email: tcc_daniel@163.com