Yanzhou Industrial Park

The Yanzhou Industrial Park is situated in the Yanzhou District of Jining - one of nine states of ancient China - and is at a key node of the Beijing-Shanghai transportation artery as well as the central zone of the Lunan Economic Circle firmly supported by Shandong province. It is a leader in terms of its industrial scale and overall strength in Shandong province. Despite the challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the park’s development has remained its steady growth.

The Yanzhou Industrial Park looks to explore the global market from the perspective of a “Global Village”. The park is committed to developing an export-oriented economy by planning and building the China-Europe International Cooperation Industrial Park, a development with a total area of 18 square kilometers and becoming one of the first international cooperation parks in Shandong province and a major construction carrier for opening to the global markets. It is focused on developing two primary industrial clusters: a high-end equipment manufacturing cluster focused on areas such as high-end CNC machinery, auto parts and prefabricated building machinery, and high-end new rubber material cluster concentrating on high-end passenger car tires and rubber engineering.

Today, there are 23 Fortune 500 enterprises and multinational companies cooperating in the park, including Continental AG of Germany, Pirelli of Italy, Bekaert of Belgium and Camiller of Finland. There are nine enterprises of the EU member countries forging two-way investment partnerships within the park. Sweden’s Dalarna Sci-Tech Park and the Central and Eastern European Business Association cooperate with the park to jointly develop projects, building a “rainbow bridge” for multi-directional cooperation between Chinese and European enterprises.

The Yanzhou Industrial Park is fully equipped with business, education, medical, catering and recreation service facilities that are geared towards international standards. “Within 10 Minutes Lifestyle Cycle" is saturated with European style. The Yanzhou-European Express Railway that begins its route in the park passes by several Central and Eastern European countries such as Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Poland and Germany. The exceptional environment and favorable service offerings contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the China-Europe International Cooperation Industrial Park as a whole. As the old saying goes, it takes 10 years to sharpen a sword. Over the next decade, it expects to sign-on over 100 foreign investment projects and introduce over five billion US dollars of foreign capital in its development. Through this investment and growth it will grow to be a national top-class gathering area for European projects and international logistics, helping all those involved achieve new heights.