AHK Innovators Club

Are you encountering innovation barriers and challenges in your business? Are you looking for ways to overcome these barriers but have not been successful so far? The AHK Innovators Club is designed to help you stay on track with your innovation curve. 

The AHK Innovators Club is a mentorship program designed to help German innovators in China overcome innovation barriers and challenges in their business. The program pairs up mentors and mentees in a sparring partner relationship and helps them to collaborate and enhance their innovativeness together. The goal is to close existing knowledge gaps in Innovation strategies and offer a networking platform that fosters exchange and cooperation. 

Mentees can benefit from this program by connecting with experienced mentors within the German business community in China, joining an open community of like-minded innovators and expanding their professional experience. Mentors can expand their professional network, sharpen their personal leadership skills and help to improve the business environment for German companies in China by working closer together with partners across industries. 

The matchmaking process is based on pairing up mentees and mentors with similar fields of industry and work experience, old China hands as well as China newbies. After being matched, the AHK team will help kickstart the mentorship and follow up regularly to ensure that the partners are still a good match. The program provides personalized attention and guidance through one-to-one sessions, group mentoring sessions, personal meetings, and workshops for specific topics. In this way, participants can discuss best practices, innovation strategies, and solving innovation barriers together. 

The AHK Innovators Club program is fee-based for mentees with prices varying by company size. Non-members are also welcome to join the AHK Innovators Club for an additional 50% of the original price. Mentors do not need to pay a fee.  


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