Ma’anshan City

Ma’anshan is a prefecture-level city located in the east of Anhui Province. With jurisdiction over three counties and three districts, it is home to three national and six provincial development zones. Ma’anshan covers an area of 4049 sq. km and has a permanent population of 2.16 million. Its GDP reached RMB 243.93 billion yuan in 2021, with the income of its urban and rural residents ranking first in the province. Other indicators of interest are the city’s basic modernization index, ranking 42nd nationwide, and its comprehensive economic competitiveness positioned 73rd in the country ranking.

Ma'anshan has four distinctive characteristics. Firstly, it is a solidly rooted industrial city. With an industrialization rate of 42.5%, industry stands as the main urban background of Ma'anshan. While the city’s main industries have traditionally been primarily those of steel, automobiles, electric power and the like, there is a series of emerging industries mostly comprising of intelligent equipment manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection, green food, semiconductors, and information and communication among others. The city has established industrial categories that enjoy a strong degree of support. Secondly, Ma’anshan is an open city with a privileged location in the core area of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, the sixth largest urban agglomeration in the world. It is also worth noting that Ma’anshan is home to two national development areas, one national comprehensive bonded area, and six provincial development areas. Ma'anshan port ranks among the top ten on the Yangtze River, with Zhengpu standing as the only 10,000-ton deep-water port in the north of the Yangtze River in Anhui Province.

Thirdly, Ma’anshan is a modernized city that is following an upward, positive trend of development. In 2009, it became the first civilized city in the central region of China with the achievement of "five consecutive titles". The bulk of Ma'anshan residents are mainly composed of industrial workers - generations of builders whose efforts have laid the foundations for Ma'anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The city is defined by the high quality of its industry, the openness and inclusiveness of its urban culture, and a spirit best described by the adage of "gathering the mountains and rivers to take the lead".


Last but not least, Ma’anshan is an ecological city that is well-suited for residents and travelers alike. Known as the city where "nine mountains encircle one lake, and a strong river flows emerald", Ma’anshan has been awarded a series of honorary titles such as National Health City, National Environmental Protection Model City, National Forest City and more.

Recommended Zones

Key Industries

Ma'anshan National Economic and Technological Development Zone

Information & Communication, Rail Transit, New Energy, Automobiles and Components, Food Processing

Cihu National High-Tech Zone

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry, High-End Equipment Manufacturing, Information & Communication, Port Logistics

Ma'anshan Zhengpugang New Area Modern Industrial Park

Information & Communication (Semiconductor), New Energy and New Materials, High-End Equipment Manufacturing, Food Processing, Port Logistics

Anhui Hanshan Economic Development Zone

Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Refrigeration Components), Automobiles and Components, Rail Transit, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

Hexian Economic Development Zone, Anhui

High-End Equipment, Green Food, New Chemical Materials, Green Building Materials

Anhui Dangtu Economic Development Zone

Intelligent Manufacturing, New Materials, Biomedicine

Yushan Economic Development Zone, Ma'anshan City

High-End Equipment, New Materials (Magnetic Materials), Information & Communication

Anhui Ma'anshan Bowang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

High-End CNC Machine Tools, Precision Blade Molds, Mechanical Accessories, New Alloy Materials and Intelligent Equipment

Ma'anshan Software Park

Intelligent Manufacturing, Cloud Computing and Big Data, 5G, Industrial Internet