New Energy Auto Company Directory

Looking to enter the booming (new energy vehicle) NEV market in China? The New Energy Auto Company Directory contains essential information about the German EV industry, including introductions of companies and key production data. Our index includes industry classification and initials for easy reference. The directory features the most important German companies in the growing new energy vehicle industry. Whether you're seeking to expand your business or simply stay informed, this directory is a must-read. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the Chinese market.

New Energy Auto Company Directory 2023/2024

Multiple factors are drivers for the success of new energy vehicles – the ongoing policy support is among the most impactful ones. Globally, the policy subsidies and incentives for EVs nearly doubled in 2021 to nearly USD 30 billion. Both the German and the Chinese governments have set clear carbon neutrality goals. China aims to reduce carbon emissions from the peak level by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, while Germany aims to become one of the first climate-neutral industrial countries by 2045. At the end of June, the European Union agreed on a complete phasing-out of new fossil fuel sales by 2035.

Against this backdrop, the new energy vehicle industry is experiencing explosive growth, and many automotive vehicle companies even go beyond those ambitious policy targets with their business plans.

In the EV sector, China is not only a giant market, but also an innovative partner. The battery supply chains today are mostly concentrated around China. Over half of the capacity regarding battery processing and refining is located in China. Facing the rapid developing markets and ever upgrading technologies, it is even more important for enterprises to team up with strong and reliable partners to advance into new fields or expand their influence in existing markets.

With our very latest edition of the German New Energy Auto Company Directory, we hope you will find the relevant contacts and portfolios of companies for your future business expansion both in China and in Germany.

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