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The Ticker is the business journal of the German Chamber of Commerce in China. This free English language magazine is published four times a year and features quality content from member companies and those with Sino-German Expertise. Readers benefit from practical and in-depth cover stories, features and op-eds on a range of economic, social, technological, environmental and governance topics.

Current Ticker Issue | Spring 2024 | Corporate Sustainability and ESG in China

As global environmental challenges grow, China is taking important steps towards sustainable development, catalyzing a market shift in policies, production practices, supply chains and technologies. From the push towards ESG compliance to the advancements in sustainable manufacturing policies, multinationals must strike the right balance when navigating China’s corporate environment.

In this spring edition of the Ticker, we delve into the heart of these transformative trends, exploring the imperative for companies to embrace ESG principles, opportunities in clean energy manufacturing, and the nuanced strategies required for multinationals to thrive in China’s complex business ecosystem. We also dive into the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, China’s revised Company Law and Competition Law, plus much more.

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