Innovation Center

At the German Chamber of Commerce in China, we are committed to helping German companies discover the most effective approach to innovation in China. As your trusted #PartnerForInnovation, we are the primary point of contact for German companies when it comes to understanding and engaging with the Chinese innovation and startup community. Our Innovation Initiative offers a wealth of essential information, tracking the latest trends in China's innovation landscape since December 2021. And with our state-sponsored services, we provide comprehensive support for companies looking to innovate and succeed in the dynamic Chinese market. 

Our seasoned experts offer consultation and insights on the China innovation ecosystem, as well as guidance for German companies looking to improve their innovation strategies in China. We also conduct thorough market research and create detailed industry reports about innovation in China, enabling our members to stay ahead of the curve. 

As a leading resource for understanding and engaging with China's innovation and startup community, we also organize networking events, innovation workshops, and hackathons for our members. These invaluable opportunities allow German companies to connect with innovative business partners and gain insights into how Chinese companies are innovating in China. 

We are concentrating on several industry sectors in China. Specifically, our efforts to monitor the innovation landscape in China are centered around the following areas: automotive, industry 4.0, healthcare, digitalization, sustainability, energy, social media, chemistry, and the startup ecosystem in China. 

Gain valuable insights into innovation activities of German companies in China with our comprehensive Innovation Survey. Conducted…

The Chinese market is a huge opportunity for German companies due to its size and potential. The modern Chinese consumer is open to new products and services, has a positive attitude towards change, and is highly adaptable. Chinese companies have successfully implemented a quick idea-to-market concept to cater to specific B2C and B2B requirements. German companies are leveraging their presence in the Chinese market to develop and produce even more innovative new products and services for the local market in China and the rest of the world. 

Innovation Trends in China 

  • China is a competitive global innovation hub. The increasing innovation capacities of competitors is the most significant innovation driver for 87% of German companies in China. 
  • China becomes an emerging hub for product and service innovation. With a innovation friendly consumer base, China provides a great opportunity for German companies to develop and test new solutions first and export back to world in the future. Already 25% of German companies are engaged in researching innovative solutions in China for the global market. 
  • China’s strong 2030/2060 commitment to peak and net zero carbon emission are great business opportunities for German business to provide technology and guidance on reaching carbon neutrality in the coming years. 
  • Emerging startups in the health and wellness space offering innovative solutions to improve overall well-being for Chinese consumers. 
  • China is rapidly integrating AI-powered tools into their products and services and creating innovative new customer experiences in e-commerce, healthcare, banking, and entertainment.