About Us

AHK Greater China

AHK Greater China is part of the German Chambers of Commerce Worldwide Network (AHK) which includes 150 offices in 93 countries and regions. As an official institution of Germany’s foreign trade promotion, AHK Greater China has been representing the economic interests of German companies in China for over 25 years. Our primary objective is to promote bilateral trade and investment between Germany and China by advising, supporting, and representing German companies seeking to establish or expand their business in China.

With main offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou and seven more offices throughout the country, our widespread presence enables us to offer deep insights into the local business environment. Our team of over 130 specialists are experts in their fields and have years of experience in helping German companies navigate the complexities of doing business in China.

Providing services & solutions

As part of AHK Greater China, German Industry and Commerce offers a comprehensive suite of business services and growth solutions to help our clients achieve success in China. Whether this is setting up a company, finding suitable sales or sourcing partners, for e-commerce, human resources or starting a business.

A Strong Network - The German Chamber of Commerce in China

The German Chamber of Commerce in China with around 2,100 active members is an integral component of AHK Greater China. The Chamber with its three local chapters for North, East and South & Southwest China offers a powerful platform for networking, exchange, brand promotion and collaboration between German companies and local companies who wish to partner together. 

Representing the interests of the German economy in China

The Delegations of German Industry & Commerce in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou represent the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) in China. Our advocacy efforts include hosting meetings with Chinese government representatives at all levels, as well as provide policy updates and analysis to the German business community in China. 

AHK Greater China consists of the following entities: German Industry & Commerce (Taicang) Ltd. and its branches, the German Chamber of Commerce in China and the Delegations of German Industry and Commerce in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Each of these entities are separate and are governed by their own Board of Directors and management team. Staff in these entities can collaborate and provide services to their members and customers, so as to ensure customer satisfaction and business success. For more information, please contact us at growth(at)china.ahk.de.