Changzhou Gaoxin

Established in 1992, Changzhou National Hi-tech District (CND) is among the first group of state-level high-tech zones in China and is also the first national-level district in Changzhou. It covers an area of 508.94 km2 with a population of 880,000. The comprehensive strength of CND ranks 21st among the national-level high-tech zones and 3rd in the whole Jiangsu Province. Its GDP in 2021 has reached RMB 182.04 billion; the total import and export volume has achieved RMB 109.04 billion.



CND is home to about 130,000 enterprises, including over 1,900 foreign enterprises from 68 countries and regions, like Rosenberger, thyssenkrupp, Bomag, Leoni, Lanxess, Erdrich, Hoerbiger, Wilo, Felsomat, Aumann, Ruhrpumpen, HEINZGALS and Guhring from Germany; GF, Rieter, Reishauer, Medela, Mettler Toledo, Magna, and Agrana from other German-speaking countries.


The pillar industries of CND are equipment manufacturing industry and advanced material industry. For now, CND is developing 6 industry clusters: High-end Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing, New Energy Automobile and Kernel Components, New Medicine and Medical Devices, Photovoltaic and Smart Energy, Carbon Fiber and Composite Materials and New Generation Technical Information.


Changzhou is a dynamic city full of young and energetic high-level talents, famous as“the cradle of silver collars”. There are 6 universities, 11 colleges and 19 junior schools and adopting German AHK and IHK Dual Training System with plenty of SIMENS training centers here. The companies in CND are encouraged to cooperate with the schools to cultivate talents according to their requirement. Changzhou Technician College of Jiangsu Province, a technical school located in our district, is the first technical school in China to launch Sino-German class.


Located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, CND is the first State level high-tech district in China that integrates transportation infrastructure of ocean-going port, airport, high-speed railways (Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway and Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway), highways (S39 Beijing-Hangzhou Expressway and G42 Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway) and metro. It takes 40 minutes to Shanghai by high-speed train.


As the sister city of Roth, Herford and Essen, CND enjoys international living conditions. The hospitals in CND provide English-speaking service and green channels for foreigners and we have international schools for expats’ kids. A strong atmosphere of German-style life has been created here. CND hosts the German Beer Festival and International Family Day every year. Statistically, there are over 1,000 foreigners settled in CND.


Close to Shanghai, CND has land, workshop solutions and favorable policies to welcome the enterprises from German-speaking countries which intend to develop in East China. A series of tailored incentives will be provided according to the situation of each project. Moreover, a professional trilingual (Chinese, English and German) team from CND will provide one-stop service from site selection, company registration to normal operation. Working with the relevant national and provincial departments, CND takes the lead in establishing the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau in Jiangsu Province with the optimization of company registration procedures, project approval, EIA approval and construction application.