Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone

Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone was established in 1992. It was first a provincial Development Zone in 1995 before being upgraded to a national Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2010. With a total area of 119.57 sq. km, it has jurisdiction over 52 administrative villages (neighbourhood committees) and a permanent population of about 250000. Within this area, there is also 1 undergraduate college, 1 secondary vocational school, 39 primary and secondary schools, and nearly 8600 enterprises of all kinds.

With regard to communication and infrastructures, national highways No. 320 and No. 319 intersect both vertically and horizontally at Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone. Furthermore, expressway entrances No. G60 (Shanghai-Kunming) and No. S89 (Shanglian), as well as the Shanghai-Kunming High Speed Railway Pingxiang North Station are all located in the territory, a mere 105 km away from Changsha Huanghua Airport. In short, Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone is an area exhibiting remarkable investment potential within the central regions of China. It has also gradually consolidated itself as the new economic, political, cultural and commercial hub of Pingxiang.


Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone serves prominently as an industrial conglomerate dominated by the dual leading industries of electronic information and new energy and new materials together.  The area also plays a relevant role with regard to the solid development of sustainable industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing and food and medicine, while simultaneously accelerating the construction of the "2+N" modern industrial system.


Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone is home to 2 Main Board Market-listed enterprises, 49 National High-tech Enterprises, 1 National Mass Makerspace, 1 National Small and Micro Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base, 1 Provincial Science and Technology Business Incubator, 4 Provincial Science and Technology Collaborative Innovation Units, 3 Provincial Innovation and Technology Alliances, 1 Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation, 2 Postdoctoral Scientific Research and Innovation Practice Bases, 6 National Specialized and New Small Giant Enterprises, 7 Provincial Specialized “Little Giant” Enterprises, and 27 Provincial Specialized and New Enterprises. Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone has ensured solid, sufficient foundations and management prowess for a series of industrial project platforms. In its capacity as a distinct regional industrial cluster, it is also a recycling transformation zone supported by the country.

In 2021, Pingxiang Economic Development Zone achieved an industrial operating revenue of RMB 68.57 billion, an increase of 19.42% in comparison to previous figures. The total output value of those industries above designated size reached RMB 69.64 billion, an increase of 19.1% in comparison to previous years. Meanwhile, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 8.2%, with the total amount ranking first in Pingxiang, a medium-sized prefecture-level city. Total fiscal revenue hit RMB 3.072 billion, with an increase of 10%. The year also saw an introduction of foreign investment with a total of USD 229 million, representing an increase of 9.43%. Furthermore, Pingxiang Economic Development Zone ranked fourth in the Top 10 for National Economic Development Zones in the province, with a cash exchange balance of USD 22.86 million. The area ranked first in the city for both the parameters of total income amount and increase rate of the whole year, laying a solid foundation for Pingxiang Economic Development Zone to strive for markers of excellence and positive assessment of the Ministry of Commerce. Foreign trade exports reached RMB 9.1 billion, an increase of 30% in comparison to previous figures. 44 projects amounting to over RMB 20 million were introduced from outside the province, with the actual investment reaching RMB 12.035 billion, representing an increase of 8.34%.


Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone has successively won a string of nine national awards, including "National Economic and Technological Development Zone", "National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Credit System Pilot Zone", "National New Materials Industrialization Demonstration Base", "National Industrial Park with Harmonious Labour Relations", "National Intellectual Property Pilot Park", "National Intellectual Property Financing Pledge Pilot Park", "National Key Support Park for Recycling Transformation", "National Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Park" and "National Green Park". For nine consecutive years, it has also been awarded with Jiangxi Province’s “Advanced Industrial Park” and “Industrial Rise” Prizes.