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If you are looking for solutions to boost your visibility in the Chinese market, we can help.

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Digital Services

Digital Market Entry

How can you sell your goods in China without business or joint venture partners, and learn more about your customers and their buying behavior?

The service "Digital market entry" offers German companies direct access to the Chinese market and its consumers. German companies can sell in China legally, without a license and without products labeled specifically for China. You can use tools and collect information about consumers and thus optimize their marketing. We will support you in choosing a sales platform and finding appropriate partners for logistics, warehousing, customs clearance and tax collection.

A Growing Market

In China, more than 640 million people regularly use E-commerce platforms, with over 80% complete their purchase on the Smartphone. By 2018, the user of cross-border E-Commerce will reach 74 million. The success of E-commerce in China was crucially by the two companies in Alibaba and Tencent. Together with further developing party these platforms and wechat-channel (Tencent) share an average market increase about 20% per year. Western E-commerce platforms are on the market only of marginal importance.

WeChat Account Setup & Maintenance

We help you set up an official company account on WeChat, the most popular social media platform in China. After the setup we can also provide the maintenance service to your account.

Basic Setup:

  • Consulting on and selection of a suitable type of WeChat official account (service account or subscription account)
  • Suggestions about naming your WeChat company account based on your company name and in terms of SEO on WeChat
  • Registration of an official account in the name of your company and verification of your account
  • Important Notice: business license of your registered company in China or in a certain country is requested for the official registration and verification process
  • Setup of your company profile in your WeChat account and menu setup (max. 3 main menus with 5 Sub-menus each) on basis of your provided information in Chinese language
  • Featured: Two main-postings through our official WeChat Account “German Industry & Commerce Service Platform” (德中工商服务平台) for promoting your WeChat account to around 30,000 Chinese and foreign professionals interested in Sino-Foreign business

 Maintenance Service:

  • Possible updates to profile and menu
  • Designing and sending out of up to 4 push-up messages per month based on your provided material in Chinese language according to our template through your account on a daily or weekly basis (according to the selected type of your WeChat account and your requirements)
  • Comments and relevant messages from the followers will be translated and forwarded to you on time via email
  • Tracking and periodical statistics of followers, clicks rate, shares and comments etc.
  • Featured: Monthly there will be one specified message that was already send out from your account be forwarded through our official WeChat account our official WeChat Account “German Industry & Commerce Service Platform” (德中工商服务平台)

If you are interested in setting up an official WeChat account of your company, please contact Ms. DU Jing, Email: du.jing(at), Tel +86-10-6539 6672

Web Service

Nowhere is a company's internet presence quite as important as it is in China. Your online marketing has to be in Chinese and must be tailor-made for your Chinese target audience. Foreign methods of web communication often need to be adapted to suit local tastes in China.

We are here to help you with:

  • Registration of your Chinese domain and hosting
  • Localization of your web design
  • Website development
  • Design of online ad banners
  • Translation and adaptation of your website’s text

Given the diverse nature of the market and the difficulty of addressing the right audience, we can also help you in the following ways:

Search Engine Optimization: Making sure your website ranks amongst the top listings on Google, Baidu, and other search engines.

Online Marketing: Our team places your banners on websites selected to reach your target groups. We can also create banners and ads for you.

Communication Services

Media Consulting: Support for your marketing & advertising campaign in China

Finding the right media to promote your company and services can be difficult in a foreign market. We can help you choose the right platform for your industry and your specific target group, both in print and online media. We will present a selection of different media to you and, on request, we will book and supervise your ad campaign in the media of your choice. Members of the German Chamber of Commerce in China also enjoy preferential advertising rates to highlight their company's products and services with our own media products.

Press Release Service: Put your company news in front of your key audience

We have worked intensively with Chinese media over the last ten years and foster close contacts with various newsrooms. We can reach out to more than 300 core media contacts in well-known media, especially in the economics, business, legal and environment fields. With our press release service we help you get your intended messages across to the Chinese public, whether you would like to increase visibility in China, shape your image or enhance marketing efforts.

Our press release service offers you:

  • Researching for suitable target media
  • Consulting on your message for Chinese media outlets
  • Writing and distribution
  • Monitoring and clipping 

Press Events Service: Place your message with key media

A good relationship with key media is crucial in building and fostering your company’s image. We maintain close relationships with many of the main media in China and can help you develop positive media connections too. Depending on your goals we can arrange small and medium-scale press conferences or media networking events with selected media. If desired, we can also consult with you on who to approach or how to best place your message in China.

With our press event service we offer you:

  • Consulting on target media, format and message
  • Acquisition and organization of suitable rooms, equipment and staff
  • Handling of the invitation process
  • Preparation of materials for events
  • Follow up with participants after events 

Translation & Design Services

Translation Services

Translations/interpretations for any topic from German/English into Chinese or Chinese into German/English. Other languages are also available.

Translation work is carried out by professional, certified translators. For specialized technical translations we consult with qualified partners in the relevant fields to ensure translations are of high quality. All completed translations go through a quality control process - technical control by technical personnel and language control by native speakers.

You will receive high standard translations that incorporate cultural communication differences specific to China. This service is designed for companies and individuals requiring efficient translations and interpretations. Prices vary according to individual requirements.

Design Services & Corporate Publishing

Whether you would like a customized company brochure designed for the Chinese market, a bilingual flyer or a complete booth design for your next trade fair event, our team of multi-lingual designers will help you to find the right measures to concisely communicate with your target groups.

You name it, we produce it: company, employee or customer magazines, newsletters (print or digital), annual reports, periodicals or one-off publications. You can outsource parts of your project or the complete package to us, including content, design, layout, printing, quality control, and delivery. Abiding by our high quality standards, we follow your strict timelines. 

To assemble your individual package, please choose from any of the following services:

  • Image flyers and brochures
  • Advertisement design
  • Books, magazines and studies
  • Posters, roll-ups, banners, backdrops, X-displays
  • Trade fair booths
  • Corporate design and CI consulting
  • E-newsletters
  • Electronic presentations, CDs/DVDs
  • Presents, give-aways and accessories
  • Business cards