Taicang Investment Promotion Bureau of Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province

Taicang City

Preferred Industry:

  • High-end Eqiupment Manufacturing
  • Auto Parts
  • New Materials
  • Trade Headquarters Economy
  • Bio-Medicine

Located in Jiangsu Province just south of the Yangtze River, Taicang is a city renowned for its long history, rich culture and well-developed education system. With a history that spans more than 4,500 years, Taicang is nicknamed as the "Beautiful Golden City of the Southern Yangtze". As a city along Yangtze river with the closest proximity to Shanghai, Taicang possesses remarkable advantages and broad prospects for development by virtue of its geographical location, economic foundation, and living environment.

1.City of Connections

Taicang is the Yangtze River Delta region's golden gateway to the sea. The city is also the only way to connect to the Shanghai- Nanjing Expressway, Yanjiang Expressway and Shanghai-Nantong Railway (under construction). Its prime location serves as "the first major port for foreign trade of Jiangsu Province", the world's link to the Yangtze River Delta region, and the best way for Shanghai to radiate cities in southern Jiangsu Province. When the Shanghai-Nantong Railway officially opens, it will only take 18 minutes to reach Shanghai.

2.City of German Enterprises

More than 320 German enterprises have established themselves in Taicang, earning the city recognition as the nation's first "Sino-German base for business cooperation" and the first "Sino-German demonstration zone for SME cooperation". Taicang has proven itself as number one investment choice for German enterprises in China in terms of its investment density and credibility. Currently, Taicang also represents one of the best places for German enterprises in terms of development opportunities and the number.

3.City of Livable Spaces

Taicang has always been known as the "land of milk and honey" in the Southern Yangtze River. Taicang is currently striving to become a modern garden city of "farmland in the city, and city in the garden". The city has a reputation for its sustainable charm as a city in south of the Yangtze River, "which only hundred steps needed to see a scenery, and thousand steps needed to see a park".

4.City of Prosperity

Taicang was ranked fifth overall in national socio-economic strength among hundreds of counties in 2018. Taicang is also among Jiangsu Province's first crop of well-off county-level cities in an all-round way, and has already become a premium city known for its dynamic businesses and development potential.

5.City of Openness

With a "contract- and service-oriented government" philosophy, Taicang is committed to its ambition to create a city that is not only prosperous but inclusive as well. Both new and old citizens of Taicang are working together to form a symbiotic relationship to create a modern city of prosperity, civilization and openness.