European Famous Household Brand

Country in which the Company is located: Germany

Does your company have representative offices abroad? If so, where?: No 

Industry, type of business: Household Brand

Products or services offeredThe company has four product lines: Presents; Decoration; Tableware; Home & living

Description of previous or current cooperation’s with companies in Greater China: NO current cooperations

What kind of business contacts is the company looking for?: Investment partners

Specification for business contacts: 

  • Trading experience offline and online (via T-mall, etc.)
  • Experience in setting up nationwide branch networks
  • Optional: brand sales experience via the networks of other chain stores (department stores etc.)
  • Good relations with the rental departments of the major malls
  • Industry: Furnishing sector (home accessories, giftware ..) or Fashion
  • Experience in brand management
  • Cooperation experience with Western partners
  • Nationwide logistics (central warehouses, transport connections to major cities - also via freight forwarders)
  • Strong financial strength
  • Cooperation can be thought of as a franchise or joint venture.
  • In terms of perspective, it is also possible to speak about direct participation in the German parent company

Description of the project proposal: One of Europe's best-known home furnishing brands, now hopes to connect with investment partners in related fields in China.

The company has four product lines: household items, cutlery, decorations and gifts.

The company hopes to connect with investment partners who have online and offline sales networks, mature national distribution channels and experience in working with imported brands. Cooperation can be carried out in a franchise (chain) or in the form of a joint venture.

If you are interested, you can contact us directly.

In which region of China is the company looking for business partners?: Mainland China

Contact person: 

German Industry & Commerce Greater China
Ms. Sun Qitong
Phone: +86-10-6539-6637
E-Mail: sun.qitong(at)