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What is ProRecognition ?

Germany remains a popular and attractive country for professionals all around the world. Germany currently needs more foreign professionals to secure its competitiveness and level of prosperity. To ensure the availability of skilled workers in Germany, the Federal Government introduced the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications Act, or Recognition Act. From April 2012, many people with professional qualifications obtained outside Germany have had their qualifications recognized in Germany. The recognition of foreign professional qualifications is an important element in supporting immigrants to utilize their skills and knowledge in the German labor market. In the first three years after enforcement of the Recognition Act in 2012, more than 44,000 applications for recognition of foreign professional qualifications have been accepted and the majority have been granted the same status as German qualifications. This has helped to positively influence German public opinion on immigrants.

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Special consulting centers for the new project ProRecognition - Professional and Vocational Qualifications for Germany will be set up in several German Chambers. This project aims to establish structures in eight specified German chambers of commerce and delegations to offer onsite consultation services for foreign professional qualifications. To ensure the successful establishment of this network, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research launched three-year project ProRecognition 2015 which will run until September 2018.

Recognition consultants will provide FREE consulting services for any professional who has a vocational degree and intends to work in Germany.



What can we offer you?

This new service of the AHK Shanghai is based on the worldwide project ProRecognition sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We offer Chinese professionals in Greater China, who have acquired a professional and vocational degree, an individual initial qualification recognition consultation for free, and facilitate their path to work as a specialist in Germany. During a detailed consultation, you will receive a comprehensive overview of your available career opportunities.

Chinese professionals with professional and vocational qualifications have an opportunity to live and work in Germany. We support applicants with the necessary qualifications recognition information and advice. AHK Shanghai is fully authorized to represent the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in this process.

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