Partner Support Program

The Partner Support Program (PSP) aims to turn an international work assignment into an attractive step for the delegate's spouse.

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How to use your time in China successfully? Coming to China as the spouse of an international expert often means that the spouse’s own career has to take a step back. The Partner Support Program (PSP) aims to turn an international work assignment into an attractive step for employees’ spouses as well - by focusing on comprehensive integration during their time abroad and fully utilizing their time in China.

About PSP:

The Partner Support Program (PSP) was initiated by the Volkswagen Group China and the German Industry & Commerce Greater China in 2011. By 2017, services were delivered to nearly 950 spouses throughout China. The PSP has been implemented in 17 countries worldwide by the AHK and IHK networks.

Special Support:

The PSP offers support for career development, further education and voluntary engagement. Besides providing general information on living and working in China before and during the whole assignment, PSP consultants offer support with tailor-made research and solutions. Suitable options are identified in order to facilitate spouses’ integration process and turn their time in China into a successful experience. Thanks to the German Chamber network, further career choices can open up and help transform the international assignment experience into a long-term career path for spouses.

We provide:

  • An experienced project team working in Beijing, Changchun, Changsha, Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin and surrounding locations
  • Access to German Chamber network of resources and contacts
  • Individual support, on-site personal consultations and mentoring during the integration process
  • Exclusive access to our Web portal with information about current options (requires a password)

Event & Training:

In parallel with the individual consultation service, PSP participants receive access to events, training and workshops, such as visits to local companies and institutions and training programs on topics such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, and much more.

Individual Service:

If you are interested to learn more about the program as an offer for your company’s employees or you are a partner who is interested in receiving support for your integration in China, please contact us.

Some of the companies we cooperate with: