German Desk

The German Desk helps Chinese firms to foster international exchange and cooperation in a focused and effective manner.

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The German Desk department has a broad market network and extensive business experience in Germany. The specialized German Desk team provides service and support for Chinese enterprises in the categories listed below.

We can support you with following services:

Training and lectures

Chinese enterprises exploring new markets in Europe or have an interest in doing so, have numerous urgent questions to be answered, such as industry-related policies and regulations or the development status of the market they are interested in. These questions are often vital in determining failure or success.

The German Desk aims to transfer this valuable information to Chinese enterprises through target-oriented seminars on industry along with knowledge sharing sessions, helping Chinese enterprises and industries to enter international markets effectively.

Target groups: Chinese enterprises or industry associations interested in entering the German or European market, finding out the latest information and trends about the German industry and solving practical problems.


Themed lectures and professional seminars about

  • Policy analysis
  • Analysis of current focus industries and subjects
  • Experience sharing / successful cases from industry insiders
  • Management strategies
  • Miscellaneous

Organization of on-site business delegation trips

We develop customized itineraries for business trips according to our customer’s wishes and arrange meetings as well as company visits. Visiting same-industry German companies is a great way for Chinese enterprises to show their own business characteristics and their sincerity in cooperation. Beyond that, mutual company visits are an important link to establish a relationship of mutual trust. We can design your itinerary according to your business needs and arrange the partners and content of the delegation. By cooperating with a professional German travel agency, we can provide you with comprehensive business delegation organization services and personal on-site assistance.

  • Supporting the organization of German industry exhibition visits and exhibitor services
  • Planning and management of industry delegations
  • Focused business trips (e.g. industry 4.0, family business, automotive)
  • Short-term courses and training

Sourcing Potential Cooperation Partners

Increasing numbers of Chinese companies are actively seeking cooperation with German companies, such as purchasing or distribution of German products, introducing technology and establishing joint ventures. Relying on the full-fledged network of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Germany, we can help Chinese companies find potential partners to match with, coordinate project operations, reduce unfavorable factors arising from differences in cultural backgrounds and business practices, and provide research, studies, activities and other services for all kinds of sectors to help both sides to establish a long-term, stable cooperative relationship.

Working Procedure:

Reception of inquiry, fill in service form


Initial research of company information to identify potential enterprises matches, issuing a first report


Assessing enterprises to determine the intention of cooperation


Designing a tailor-made concept according to companies’ specific needs, implementing cooperation


Post-cooperation process follow-up and relationship maintenance

Market research and business development consulting

When entering the overseas market, the biggest problem Chinese enterprises often face is a lack of knowledge about the target market. Therefore, they cannot position themselves favorably and miss the best moment to enter the market.

We provide detailed information about

  • German industry market analysis
  • Establishing a company in Germany
  • Credit reports
  • Enterprise information research
  • Project follow-up and coordination

and further market-related services. These services help Chinese companies to make comprehensive preparations before successfully entering the German market.

Planning and conducting events

Promotion and investment meetings, seminars and other business activities help establish contact with industry colleagues, and are one of the most direct channels to understanding the latest industry information. We plan fully supported direct-contact business activities to help you build an international business communication platform:

  • Sourcing suitable event sites
  • Guest management
  • On-site coordination
  • Etiquette advice and translation
  • Post-event follow up, wrap-up and feedback 

Invest in Germany

German Industry & Commerce and Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) work closely together to provide professional support to Chinese companies and individuals planning to do business to invest in Germany.

I. German Industry & Commerce Services

We offer comprehensive advice and assistance on setting up a company in Germany. With professional advice and assistance provided by our experienced German and Chinese employees you will save time and avoid mistakes. Prices for our services are available upon request.

II. Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) Services

Germany Trade & Invest is the official foreign trade and inward investment agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. The agency is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Federal Government Commissioner for the New Federal States in accordance with a German Parliament resolution.

The mission of Germany Trade & Invest is to promote Germany as a location for industrial and technological investment and to identify investors for the German market. The organization advises and supports foreign companies seeking to expand into the German market, and assists companies established in Germany looking to enter foreign markets. Germany Trade & Invest provides comprehensive and client-oriented economic and industry data as well as information about calls for proposals in foreign countries, investment and development projects, and legal and customs authorities. The promotion of economic activity in Germany's new federal states, including Berlin, also forms an integral part of the agency's external trade and business location marketing remit. Whether you require information, consultancy or project management services – we are the one-stop-agency at your side to guide you through the entire investment process in Germany:

§ Project Management Assistance Business Opportunity Analysis and Market Research → Market Entry Strategy Support → Project Partner Identification and Contact → Joint Project Management with Regional Development Agency → Coordination and Support of Negotiations with Local Authorities

§ Location Consulting/Site Evaluation Identification of Project – Specific Location Factors → Cost Factor Analysis → Site Pre-selection → Site Visit Organization → Final Site Decision Support

§ Support Services Identification of Relevant Tax and Legal Issues → Project-related Financing and Incentives Consultancy → Organization of Meetings with Legal Advisors and Financial Partners → Administrative Affairs Support → Accompanying Incentives Application and Establishment Formalities Price: All investor-related services of Germany Trade & Invest are treated with the utmost confidentiality and provided free of charge.

For more information, please visit the website of Germany Trade & Invest.