Econet Monitor - Green Markets & Climate Challenge

Econet Monitor contains detailed industry reviews on green building, renewable energy, climate protection, low carbon developments and various other environmental topics in China. It is written with the expertise of econet china, the service of the German Industry and Commerce Greater China for building, energy and environment, striving to promote Sino-German cooperation for sustainability.

Econet Monitor Issues 2017

Special Edition "Green Building" (in English and Chinese)

  • Sino-German cooperation on building energy efficiency and urbanisation
  • Market opportunities and developments in the Chinese building sector
  • Challenges, innovative solutions and trends

January 2017 (in German)

  • Chinas Städte im Kampf gegen Smog
  • China investiert massiv in Neue Seidenstraßen
  • Exportinitiative Energie – Neue Märkte in China für deutsche Energielösungen
  • Carsharing als Lösung zur Verkehrsentlastung in chinesischen Städten