DIHK-Economic-Survey February 2018

Economy under full steam, bottlenecks are increasing

“Companies assess their business situation better than ever before” – this is the result of the current DIHK business survey at the beginning of 2018. The DIHK has stated that this is an eight-year growth that is forecasted to be 2.7 percent in 2018. 600,000 additional jobs across industries are expected this year.

The German economy is running at full speed

The export expectations of the manufacturing industry improve for the fourth time in succession. Companies are therefore as optimistic about their export business as they last were seven years ago.

Companies’ investment plans are more expansive than ever before. Manufacturing industry in particular is planning to expand, while the construction industry and retail trade also want to increase their capital expenditure. In view of this development, more companies than ever before intend to expand their capacities.

The shortage of skilled workers as the biggest risks of the economic development

The shortage of skilled workers has become by far the greatest obstacle for companies in the meantime. The shortage of personnel is also reflected in the increasing worries of companies across all sectors about labor costs.

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