Become a GC Deals Partner South & Southwest China

GC Deals Partner Registration Form

I hereby apply to become a GC Deals Partner of the German Chamber of Commerce in China

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General Terms of Business
1. Party A is responsible for delivering complete and flawless printing documents and files. In case of useless or damaged printing documents or files, Party B will immediately call for a replacement. Party B is liable to provide a common printing quality for the advert ordered, within the bounds of possibility given by the printing documents handed in.

2. After the advertising deadline has passed, changes in size, format and color are not possible. Party B is not liable for the correctness of orders or corrections being assigned via telephone.

3. The conveyance of different color drafts for an advert, a late delivery of printing documents and any printing differing from the advertising pattern may affect placement and quality of the advert and are therefore not subject to complaint. Party B reserves the right to offset additional charges.

4. Printing details will only be returned to Party A on special request. The obligation to store printing details ends three months after an order has been completed. Party B does not guarantee for the storage of patterns, etc.

5. The Agreement shall commence on the date of having signed the contract and continue in effect until one party decline it. Except in case of termination of this Agreement by one of the parties subject to the respect of a two months’ written notice, the parties will agree to the terms and conditions of renewal.

6. The discount granted to the members of Party B is not transferable.

7. The discount granted to the members of Party B is only applicable at outlets specified in this contract.

8. The discount granted to the members of Party B is not applicable to special promotions.

9. This Agreement constitutes the sole and entire arrangement of the parties hereto, and no modification of this agreement shall be binding unless signed by the Parties to this Agreement.

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