The 7th German Chamber Soccer Cup Tianjin 2019



On October 20th, the 7th German Chamber Soccer Cup took place at the sports field of Wellington College International Tianjin (Wellington). More than 500 spectators, players and volunteers participated in the event.

The opening ceremony of the event started with a welcome speech from Mr. Christoph Kaiser, head of the Advisory Council Tianjin and Ms. Zhang Xiaolei, Regional Manager of the German Chamber of Commerce (GCC) in Tianjin.

Here are some facts:

  • 10 teams competing for the German Chamber trophy;
  • additional trophies for best player, keeper and scorer;
  • kids program; “Torwandschiessen” (target shooting) with prizes of over 50,000RMB in value;
  • food and drinks including chinese and western food, cold and warm beverages and much more.

The tournament began timely at 10am. The teams came in well prepared and motivation was high.

After an exciting first round, semi-finals and play-offs followed. The final game featured Wellington against Volkswagen ATJ. With the score of 0-0 draw, the game went into penalty kicks, 3-2, Wellington won their first championship of the German Chamber Soccer Cup Tianjin. During the awarding ceremony, Mr. Christoph Kaiser, head of the German Chamber Advisory Council Tianjin and Managing Director of Turck (Tianjin) Technology, and Mr. Jörg Fenstermann, General Manager Technical of Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Tianjin Co., Ltd. (VWATJ), congratulated the winning team and handed over the trophy. Additionally, three players were awarded for their performances with personal awards for the best player, best scorer and best keeper of the tournament.

With cool autumn temperatures but warm sunshine and blue sky, Chinese and German spectators from the different teams supported their colleagues by cheering them up on the soccer field.

The 7th German Chamber Soccer Cup Tianjin was more than just a soccer challenge. It also offered the perfect opportunity for an intercultural exchange between Chinese and German spectators outside the office in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere accompanied by beautiful autumn weather. Families gathered and new friendships have been made. The Tianjin Office of the German Chamber thanks all teams, supporters and volunteers who made this unforgettable day happen.

"And the winner 2019 is... Wellington"

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