The 6th German Chamber Soccer Cup Tianjin 2018



On September 08th, the 6th German Chamber Soccer Cup took place on the grounds of the International School of Tianjin (IST). This event, which has been the highlight of the German Chamber for five years in a row now, brings people from different companies, different ages together and is just a great joy overall.

Here are some facts:

  • 10 teams competing for the German Chamber Trophy
  • Additional trophies for best player, keeper and scorer 
  • Broad kids programme 
  • “Torwandschiessen” (target shooting) with prizes of over 50,000RMB in value
  • Food and Drinks including Chinese Food, German BBQ, beer and much more

The tournament started out with a performance by the live band of Hard Rock Cafe. After a quick speech, the tournament began timely at 10am. The teams came in well prepared and motivation was high.

After the first rounds, a circle of favorites to advance to the semi-finals slowly took shape. While there are some new faces, one thing remained the same: The dominance of team Volkswagen.

They were cruising through the group stage with 6 wins and 2 losses.

Alongside VW, Zapi, Flender and Wellington advanced to the next round.

Volkswagen advanced to the final after defeating Zapi in the semifinals. Flender, on the other hand, won a fierce match against a strong opponent, Wellington, meet VW in the final.

Finally, around 16:30, the final began. Volkswagen and Flender are still looking tired after a day of competition. Both teams were quite exhausted but that wouldn’t hinder them to go the extra mile. Both sides had chances to score but both are saved by the opposing goalkeeper. The game was finally won by the Volkswagen’s players who broke the deadlock. The two sides ended the thrilling match with a score of 1:0 at the end of the whistle blow. Flender – formerly known as Siemens SMDT, who narrowly missed Volkswagen with a single goal, has been in the lead in recent years. And Volkswagen has once again won the trophy as the defending champion.

Even though VW won again for the fifth time in a row, one could see clear improvements from the other teams. As the air blew through the summer afternoon during the ceremony, one could feel that tides might very well change next year.

"And the winner 2018 is... Volkswagen ATJ"

Past Winners

VW | 2017

VW | 2014

VW | 2016

Wuerth | 2013

VW | 2015