Wirtschaftsjunioren | Young Leaders Shanghai Workshop

The Wirtschaftsjunioren | Young Leaders Shanghai Chapter provides a networking and learning platform for young entrepreneurs and managers of any nationality, who are interested in developing their professional skills and broadening their personal knowledge. The Shanghai Chapter was founded in 2010 by the German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai in close cooperation with young managers and entrepreneurs with a long-term interest in China. The Wirtschaftsjunioren | Young Leaders (http://www.wjd.de) is the German arm of the Junior Chamber International (http://www.jci.cc). The Wirtschaftsjunioren Shanghai Chapter is guided by the principles of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Germany.

Two working groups within the Wirtschaftsjunioren | Young Leaders Shanghai are in charge of organizing events and activities, which are always looking for active support:

Working Group 1:
Business. We focus on all aspects of business management, including how to improve processes and provide stability in operations. Our topics cover specific business functions such as operations, sales and finance as well as human resources, marketing and business development. We value practical solutions in addressing these issues.

Working Group 2:
Culture. This working group organizes a diverse range of activities which relate to culture in a broader sense, including but not limited to art, music, language, sports, politics, education and travel.

Be active and get engaged!
Interested in becoming active with the Young Leaders? There are three ways for you to become an active part of the Young Leaders:

After you have attended three Young Leaders events as a member of the German Chamber, we offer you the opportunity to

  1. Become the moderator of an event of your choice
  2. Become a part of the organization team for our events (be involved in finding speakers, venues, or organizing an event)
  3. If you are motivated to be even more deeply involved with the Young Leaders, you can apply with us to become a part of the Young Leaders board

If you are interested in active engagement with the Young Leaders in Shanghai, please e-mail Verena Simon.

Target Group
Young minded leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and others living and working in the greater Yangtze River Delta region, who want to actively engage in workshop activities organized around two main workshop themes: business and culture.