Construction & Building Operation Workshop

Description of Workshop
The workshop presents an opportunity to discuss current trends in the area of construction and operation of facilities in China. It will place special emphasis on setting up production sites and their smooth and energy efficient operation. It will be carried out in coordination with econet China and will also focus on the topic of green building – an area in which econet has extensive expertise. The scope of this working group will not be limited to activities in Shanghai, and workshops will also be organized in the neighboring provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. At least one event per year will showcase best practices and will take place at a production site.

Target Groups
The workshop is designed for everyone who is engaged in the construction and operation of buildings and brings together industry experts, facility managers, construction companies and specialized consultants. The working group aims to reach out to everyone who has an interest in exchanging information on current hot topics in the field of construction. Any ideas or proposals on the content of the workshop are always very welcome.