Business and Society Workshop

Description of Workshop
Community engagement approaches evolve swiftly in China as markets mature, organizations grow and society changes. Responsibility means different things to every company, and can be demonstrated through compliance, charity, volunteering, supply chain training, NGO partnerships and more. New approaches and forms of engagement provide opportunities to go beyond traditional corporate social responsibility and help tap into an organization’s collective intelligence, innovation and talent. Responsibility leads to shared value for both businesses and the community.

The Business and Society Workshop has been set up to address and discuss current trends related to community engagement. It enables networking and cooperation among practitioners and promotes exchange of best practices at the interface of business and society.

Target Groups
The workshop welcomes participants from all sectors, private and public: industry, NGOs, charities, social entrepreneurs and other organizations. From the business community, not only CSR managers but also CEOs, communications, marketing, HR, R&D managers, as well as any individuals who see potential benefits in engaging more with society.