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Current GC Ticker Issue | Spring 2019 | Building Towards a Smarter World in China

The invention of the telephone aroused mistrust in the 18th century; in 1995, Bill Gates predicted the internet may only be a hype. However, today we know these predictions have not come to fruition. Future concepts and innovations have often been subject to the connotation of “mission impossible”. But, if digitalization is seen as a threat, opportunities may remain undiscovered. It is ideas and technology that are changing the future and contribute to new, high-scale growth. Today, nine of the world's most valuable high-tech companies originate from China, eleven are from the United States, but (unfortunately) not even one is European. Entire industries are being put to the test of digitization and many are already undergoing transformation. Smart technology might soon embrace everyone’s life: From autonomous driving in electric vehicles over to smart homes, smart working places, and smart cities. Industrie 4.0 will create the jobs of tomorrow, new alliances will push forward connectivity. Smart ports and smart manufacturing might become more efficient, faster and cost effective. In order to enhance city residents’ quality of life, digital savvy, smart metropolises are creating networks to integrate the areas of energy, mobility, urbanization, administration and communication. The key to all this is a virtually unlimited raw material: Data. Data offers a myriad of opportunities to provide intelligent solutions for any problems. Whether in autonomous mobility, healthcare, energy supply or trade: Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help transforming traditional industry to next level. And data is critical to AI; it’s at the heart of it, and it could simply be used to help understand the world better, offer customized solutions, and answers on the questions of tomorrow. In this issue of the German Chamber Ticker, we will offer insights on how consumer behavior might disrupt the automotive industry and take a closer look at the development of 5G and how the Internet of Things (IoT) will shape China in the next few years. Furthermore, we will provide you with information on China’s desire to top the list for the smartest cities globally and much more.

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Jens Hildebrandt

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