Tianjin Wuqing Development Area (UDA)


UDA is located between Peking and Tianjin. It is 71 km to Peking, 25 km to Tianjin, 90 km to the Peking Airport, 45 km to the second Peking Airport, 35 km to the Tianjin Airport, 71 km to the Tianjin Seaport. It will take about 23 minutes from Wuqing Railway Station to Peking South Railway Station and 13 minutes to Tianjin Railway Station.

So far, there have been about 2500 registered companies from 50 different countries in UDA, including 40 German, 40 Denmark and about 100 companies from other countries. The total investment has reached about 140 billion RMB (about 18 billion Euro).

The main existing industries include Hi-end Manufacture, Bio-Medicine and Headquarter Economy.

The tax revenue in UDA has reached 14 billion RMB (About 1.8 billion Euro).

Existing Enterprises and Industries

The representative existing companies can be generally sorted as below:

Auto Parts
Autoneum, Moessner, Leggett & Platt, Voestalpine, Gestamp, Delphi, Faurecia, HAY, Mahle, Mantaplast, QUIN, Odelo, Curtiss Wright, Wuerth, Coficab, etc.

Bio-medicine and related
Euroimmun, BGI, Novogene, Genovo Bio, Emax, Genewiz, Chasesun, Tien, etc.

Machninery Manufacturer
Nord Drivesystems, Havor & Boecker, BHS Sonthofen, Siemag Tecberg, Tema, Wallstein, Secop, Binder co, Glaston, Hamon, GEA, etc.

Agricultural Machines & Special Vehicles
Grimme, Krone, Amazone, Dynapac, Kuhn, ITM enginnered, ZhongTian Special Vihcles, etc.

Emerson, Grundfos, Danfoss, Leser Safety Valve, Oventrop, Bestseller, etc.

Key Regions

1. Sino-European Industrial Park

The Park is especially set up for European Enterprises. Phase one of the Park is mature and fully occupied with European industrial manufacturers. Phase two of workshops and living facilities is under construction.

2. Startup Headquarter Base

The total area is 1.26 sq.km with 1.2 sq.m office building. The development orientation includes finance business, research, development and transfer, headquarters, culture and innovation.

3. Science and Technology Innovation Park of Peking and Tianjin Universities

The Innovation Park is orientated to enhance the cooperation of production, study and research of the institutes and universities, setup platform for high-tech projects, s&m companies, industrial updating, laboratory transfer and cluster of talents.