Suqian Economic and Technological Development Area


Suqian is located in the northern part of Jiangsu Province, covering a total area of 8,555 square kilometers, and with a population of 5.86 million. It is an ecological demonstration region at State level, with an annual average temperature of 14.2 degrees centigrade and an annual precipitation of 910mm. Suqian is an emerging industrial and commercial city, modern waterfront city, green-ecological city as well as innovative and entrepreneurial city with the fastest speed of development, the lowest investment cost, the most beautiful ecological environment and the excellent development environment.

Suqian Economic and Technological Development Area was founded in November 1998, and it was upgraded to national level in January 2013 after being approved by the State Council. The area is 118 square kilometers with the population of 200,000. SETDA is gathered with main policies, capital, technologies as well as talent people of the whole city, and has been awarded “The Best Investment Environment Development Zone of China”.

Location & Transportation

Suqian is the geographical center of Northern Jiangsu Province and Huaihai Economic Zone, as a result it has a broad market advantage. Within a radius of 200 kilometers, products can influence 20 prefectural cities and 120 million people in provinces such as Jiangsu, Shangdong, Henan and Anhui.

Highway: Beijing-Shanghai expressway, Nanjing-Suqian-Xuzhou expressway, Xuzhou-Suqian-Huai'an-Yancheng expressway and Suqian-Xinyi expressway run through Suqian.

Railway: Xinyi-Changxing Railway links up Suqian and the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou-Suqian-Huai’an railway is open to the traffic. Xuzhou-Suqian-Huai’an-Yancheng-Zhenjiang high-speed railway is expected to open in 2019. It’ll be the second channel of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. Then it’ll cost only two hours to Shanghai and three hours to Beijing by high-speed railway.

Waterway: The Golden Waterway Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through the whole area. It takes 90 minutes to Lianyungang. Lianyungang Port is a world famous seaport sailing to more than  160 countries and 1000 ports all over the world.

Airport: Driving From Suqian, it takes 40 minutes to Guanyin Airport, 70 minutes to to Baitabu Airport, 60 minutes to Huai’an Airport and 3 hours to Nanjing Lukou Airport

Leading Industry

Intelligent Household Appliance: kitchen appliances, TDS (Temperature Detect Switch), air-conditions, refrigerators, washing machines and water heater, etc.

Food & Beverage: dairy beverages, baked foods and condiments, etc.

Optoelectronic: touch screen, photovoltaic industry, semiconductor lighting industry and other leading enterprises as well as complete set of core enterprises.

Supporting Policy

For Newly Settled Enterprises
Infrastructure Construction Award
Equipment Subsidy
Loan with Discounted Interest
Venture Investment
Foreign Investment Reward.

For Operating Period Enterprise
Sales Volume Reward, Market Development Subsidy
Merging and Reorganization Reward
Reward to Stock System Reform and Listing
Reward in Investment in Technological Upgrading
Reward in Technological Innovation
Reward in Special Talents
Reward in Foreign Trade.

Investment Advantages

“One Project One Discussion”

The policy of “One Project One Discussion” is adopted for strategic emerging industry projects, leading projects that can drive the development of pillar industry with Suqian’s local features, domestic capital investment with a total value of over 1 billion RMB, projects with registered capital of over 200 million RMB, foreign capital investment with a total value of over 100 million RMB and projects with registered capital of more than 30 million US dollars.

Land Supply with No Delay

The larger the investment scale is, the more preferential policies will be given. Implement direct supply for large projects with the lowest standard.

Convenient and Fast Financing

Suqian is the pilot city for financial reform. We have customized supportive polices that is to the point and highly valuable for enterprises. On one hand, we expand direct financing markets for enterprises, on the other hand, we guide banks to increase product innovation, so as to provide more financing channels for enterprises.

Take the Lead to Reform

Suqian is the pilot city for comprehensive economic and social reform and comprehensive reforms for coordinated development of regions in Jiangsu Province. Suqian initiated the “one certificate one number” register and reform system, in which newly registered enterprises or non-commercial subject can go through the formalities of tax registration, social security registration, cars and real property registration, opening banking account and opening the account for the usage of water, electricity, gas and heat smoothly, with the new 18-digit commercial registration code and the parallel organization code.

Abundant Labour Forces

The total number of labour forces in Suqian is over 2.2 million. The labour forces in Suqian is relatively abundant and with high quality and low wage level. There are about 55 thousand graduates graduating from universities and vocational schools each year. Suqian College has been upgraded to an undergraduate university with application technology, which provides a guarantee for training high-quality personnel.

Adequate Electricity Supply

Policy support is given to Suqian by the Jiangsu Provincial Government to guarantee adequate power supply for enterprises in Suqian with basically no power cuts. In addition, we have opened the "Easy Access" for foreign investment enterprises to facilitate enterprises to deal with related power supply business.

Examination and Ratification with High Efficiency

We endevour to create a pro-business investment environment to help business prosper. We streamline our services and will continue to offer one-window, one-stop and one-package services inside the industrial park. Enterprises entering the industrial park will get easy and fast service to handle all the relevant procedures. Customs and inspection formalities can be handled directly in Suqian.