KUNTIN GROUP - The Leader of High-End Industrial Real Estate Investments in China

Kuntin Investment Management Group was founded in 2004. It is presently the leader of China’s enterprises in the field of the development and operation of China’s high-end real estate industry.

Kuntin Group believes the guiding principle of emphasizing both on industry and service. It operates its business by offering and serving to high-end industries, enterprises, quality and service. The company focuses exclusively on providing Global 500 and internationally renowned enterprises with a variety of real estate investment services. In deepening our knowledge of what international enterprises operating in China desire, Kuntin offers, according to the principles of “unified planning, design by need, full customization”, a new business space including production, office, and additional services as a single, integrated whole. Kuntin has already served GE, ABB, Amazon, KDDI, IBA and many other world enterprises with a variety of real estate projects, including Asia-Pacific logistics and production centres, large-scale data centres, R&D centres, and others. In serving international enterprises, it has accumulated both sufficient working experience and a well-known reputation in the industry.

Presently, Kuntin Group has firm collaborations with the governments of Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Zhengzhou, and will build comprehensive industrial parks and professionalized tech parks.

Kuntin is building China’s high-end industry real estate investment flagship brand as an industrial leader.

Projects in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Beijing Kuntin European Business Park

Kuntin European Business Park is located in BDA, beside 6th ring road and around 1.5KM to Beijing Benz plant. The total land area is 80,000sqm and planning GFA 200,000sqm.

The park is build-to-suit for European developing enterprises and SMEs.

It is the first business park with European Green Building EVEN certificate in Beijing.

Phase I land area approx. 54,000sqm with GFA approx. 130,000sqm. The construction commencement date is schedule in 2015 and target to completion by end of 2016. Land reserve for phase II is approx. 26,000sqm with GFA approx. 50,000sqm.

Taiming International Business Park

Taiming International Business Park locates in the core area of Tongzhou district between southeast 5th ring road and 6th ring road. It is a business Park with R&D, office use and supporting facilities multi-function use. Become the new name card of Tongzhou new business zone.

The park is looking for high-tech SMEs, Phase I GFA 66,000sqm with 77 buildings high quality international enterprise HQ combine R&D, office use and production use.

Flexible choose of the properties for different size enterprises, provide the international business park services system and supporting facilities.

Kuntin BDA core area Plant

The project is located in BDA core area. The land area is approx. 20mu and GFA approx. 8000sqm with 4500sqm standard single floor plant with 9 meter height and approx. 3000sqm office and amenities with fitout. Currently ready for lease looking for high-tech manufacturing and R&D type tenant. Also open to BTS lease client and total GFA could be approx. 20,000 sqm.

"Kuntin Langfang" International Technology City

  • Located in Beijing Etwon – Yongqing Hi-tech Development zone. 30 KM to BDA and 60 KM to Beijing, 15KM to the 2nd Beijing International Air Port;
  • The new Major economy zone in North China which extended from BDA, Transportation hub of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei with coverage of 1Bil people;
  • Planning land area of 91 sq. km;
  • Construction Commences Oct of 2015;
  • Target Users: Manufacturing and Logistics user from all industries.



Project in Yangtze River Delta Region

KUNTIN Suzhou International Medical Device Industrial Park

Located in Suzhou Science & Technology Town, Planning land area approx. 700 Mu, Phase I 130 Mu planning GFA 180,000sqm.

KUNTIN Suzhou International Medical Device Industrial Park planning to start the construction in 2015 and target completion date is 2017. The park is designed in a European style with low plot ratio and high green ratio. And the building is based on the specification of the medical device companies’ requirement which will provide a very good condition to the multinational companies’ multi-function and operation requirements.

Suzhou Science & Technology Town has become the 2nd location of Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology and which provide the high convenience of the government approval to the companies. The whole park provides the service facilities to meet the daily living requirement of the companies and staffs.

The main industry is International Medical Device and other high-tech industries HQ and R&D use.


Central Plains

“Kuntin Central Plains” International Science and Technology Industrial Park

  • Located in Zhengzhou Xinzheng Free Trade Zone
  • Transportation hub of Henan, Shandong, and ShanXi, modernization coordinated development demonstration area of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural in central plains of China
  • Land area of 800 mu, building area of 1,000,000 sqm.
  • Construction Commences Early of 2015
  • Target Users Industries: auto parts, machinery and equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, logistics and other leading industries.