Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

Who are we?

We are Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as FHIDZ) located at Foshan, Guangdong Province. Founded in 1992, FHIDZ is one of the first batch national high-tech zones in China. In 2013, we are ranked No.3 among the national high-tech zones by comprehensive evaluation in Guangdong.

FHIDZ dedicates to build "China Innovative Manufacturing Valley" and a model city of innovation. As the core park of FHIDZ, Nanhai Park owns 2/3 of its area. Nanhai Park has rich land resource, obvious location advantage, aggregated industrial chain, and complete infrastructure and facilities. It is also the first comprehensive experimental zone for finance, science and technology, industrial integration innovation in Guangdong, and owns a lot of relevant preferential policies.

(Foshan Profile)

  • Total area of Foshan is about 3797.72km2, and the regular population is 7.2 million.
  • The GDP of Foshan in 2013 ranked No.3 in the cities of Guangdong Province and No.18 in all the cities of China.
  • The gross industrial output value ranked No.6 in 2012 and 2013.
  • Ranked No.8 of China's urban comprehensive competition ability in 2013.
  • Ranked No.10 in the list of the best commercial cities of China in 2013.

Where we are?

FHIDZ is located in Foshan, where is the middle south of Guangdong Province, P.R.China. It is also the hinterland of Pearl River Delta area, adjacent to Guangzhou in the East, close to Hong Kong and Macao in the South. It is at the junction of east and southeast Asia, the most active area of Asia Pacific economic development.

Nanhai Park, the core Park of FHIDZ, is about 25km away from Guangzhou central area and 18km away from Foshan central area. It is about 40km away from Guangzhou Baiyun international airport and 50km away from Guangzhou Nansha Port. It takes about 2 hours from the core park to Hong Kong and Macao by car. Guangzhou-Sanshui Expressway and 321 national road run from East to West, and Pearl River Delta 2nd Ring Expressway and Foshan 1st ring Expressway run from South to North. Nanning-Guangzhou High Speed Railway, Guiyang-Guangzhou High Speed Railway, Guangzhou-Zhuhai intercity railway, Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing intercity rail (under construction), Guangzhou-Foshan Circle line intercity circular Railway (under construction) and four lines of Foshan metro (planning) run across the region in the future. With the smoothly constructing of Foshan West Station, Nanhai Park will build up a creation base of machinery equipment industry for the west coast of Pear River and the cooperation experimental zone for the high-speed railway economy belt of Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou Provinces.


FHIDZ is located in the southeast of Guangdong Province, at the center of Foshan. The climate belongs to subtropical maritime monsoon with abundant sunlight and rainfall. Here has pleasant climate. No direct typhoon attack. No earthquake. No haze. Annual average temperature is 21.6 ℃. The lowest temperature is 4 ℃ and the highest reaches 36 ℃. Annual average rainfall is 1627 mm.

Main Industries

European Investment

With its unique advantages in economy, location and transportation, Shishan town of Nanhai district, in which the park is established, has become a clustering area for European enterprise development. The European enterprises settling in Shishan Town account for more than half of the total in Nanhai District.

In order to provide high-efficient, professional, considerate and timely follow-up service, Nanhai not only organized a professional team to provide “one-stop” and “project manager responsibility system” investment service, but also coordinates with various functional government departments participating in the investment service. With rich experience in providing investment services for world famous enterprises including FAW-VW, Siemens, Osram, BASF, Sacmi, Roca, Sirona, Chimei, Honda, Toshiba and other companies from all over the world, Nanhai will focus with more effort on facilitating European SMEs to win in the PRD region.

Advantages of CETCIP

Located in PRD, with very active market economy and strong purchase ability, radiating Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia.

Very strong manufacturing foundation and supporting industries at hand, low logistic cost.

Great opportunity for European technology to enter into Asia to meet the demand of traditional industry upgrading.

Rich experiences in park development, such as "Japan Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Industrial Park" in Nanhai.

Sufficient experienced industrial technicians with knowhow, and specialized agencies and personnel to manage the park and provide services, so enterprises can settle down without worries.

Adjacent to downtown Guangzhou and Foshan, with convenient and complete living facilities such as accommodation, school and resorts.

Preferential Policies

FHIDZ enjoys all kinds of preferential policies and supporting measures from governments and for national high-tech zones, such as preferential rental, R&D and innovation, talent support, patent award, and brand award policies.

Main Supporting Policies


"Interim Measures for High-level Talent Evaluation and Verification"

"Supporting Measures for Leading Talent"

"Supporting Measures for Talent Teams' Venture Plans"

"Implementation Measures for 'One-Stop' Talent Service"




"Supporting Measures for the Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Base of Foshan High-tech Industry Development Zone"

"Implementation Details of Supporting Measures for the Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Base of the Foshan High-tech Industry Development Zone"

"Scientific Research Grants and Management Measures for the Engineering Center of the Foshan High-tech Industry Development Zone"

"Scientific Research Grants and Management Measures for Promoting the Establishment of a Science and Technology Innovation Platform in the Foshan High-tech Industry Development Zone"




"Supporting Measures for promoting Motor Vehicle Industry Development by the Foshan High-tech Industry Development Zone's Management Committee"

"Special Supporting Measures for Guangdong Biomedical Incubator Industry to Connect with the Base"

"Supporting and Management Measures for the 'Tsing hua School fellow Project of the Foshan High-tech Industry Development Zone'"




"Interim Measures for Supporting Capital Management of Finance, Science and Technology, and Industry Fusion and Innovation in the Foshan High-tech Zone"

"Implementation Plan for Building the Test Site for Finance-Science and Technology-Industry Innovative Fusion"

"Supporting Measures for Promoting Excellent Enterprises to be Listed and Developed"



For the sake of serving European SMEs, the zone develops a high-end industrial carrier called "China-Europe Technological Cooperation Industrial Park (CETCIP)" in 2014, which is jointly forged by The China Center for International Investment Promotion of Ministry of Commerce of China and Investment Promotion Bureau of the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province. CETCIP is located at Nanhai Park, the core of FHIDZ, with planning area of about 867,000 m2 and its first phase with an area of about 133,000 m2 has been finished construction in June of 2015 and the standard workshop with an area of about 90,000 m2 can be put into use. CETCIP will emphasize on developing industries such as automobile and auto parts, mechanical equipment manufacturing, smart household appliances and medical instruments, as well as building an international innovative industrial platform.

China-Europe Technological Cooperation Industrial Park is about 2km from Foshan 1st ring Expressway, 5km from Pearl River Delta 2nd Ring Expressway, 7km from Guangzhou-Sanshui Expressway, 15km from Foshan West High-speed Railway Station. It is also very close to other big companies such as FAW-VW and Honda, only about 2km away from them. Besides, it is about 1 hour drive to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 2 hours drive to Hong Kong and Macao.

The park has flexible investment pattern for investors. You can choose to rent available standard workshop, or workshop to be built with your design, and rent or buy a land and have the factories built by yourselves. Investors' demand is adequately considered.

  • Focus on building a quality industrial park for European SMEs
  • Specialized team who is responsible for planning, design, construction, management and service
  • Individualized solutions to investment projects, including building workshop on design
  • To lower the cost and expand the market for enterprises with administrative means and resources
  • Take the method of "one enterprise with one policy" to make various supporting measures

Download: Overview of CETCIP