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New Energy Auto Company Directory 2023/2024

The German company directory for the electric vehicle industry (EV industry) and alternative drive engineering is published by the German Industry & Commerce Greater China | Shanghai.
The free handbook contains not only basic introductions of companies but also shows the key information about EV production as well as an index for data, industry classification and initials. The most important German companies of the growing EV industry are represented in this catalogue. This reference book is an excellent choice to enter the booming market in China and an indispensable information source about German EV industry.

New Energy Auto Company Directory (2023/24)

New Energy Auto Company Directory (2021/22)

New Energy Auto Company Directory (2019/20)


German Consulting Company Directory 2023/2024

With the coming of the VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous) era, strategic planning is more important than ever. In order to find the right path to become more competitive and adapt to the ever-changing market, a professional partner who understands your needs and can provide you with industry and market insights is crucial to your business.

To help companies find a reliable partner to develop their business quickly and precisely, AHK Greater China has compiled a bilingual directory of more than 50 experienced and professional consulting firms in 17 industries in Germany. Now, AHK Greater China officially releases the German Consulting Companies Directory 2023/2024, which is an essential reference book for entering the consulting industry. The directory covers: basic information about German consulting companies, information about their products and contact information.

If you are interested in adevertising opportunities with German Consulting Company Directory, please contact Mr. WEN Xiaofei, Email:, Tel +86-28-8533 6840

German Consulting Company Dictionary 2023/2024


German Wind Power Companies Directory 2022/2023

German Wind Power Companies Directory is the only overview of German wind energy enterprises doing business in the Chinese market. It is going to be first launched at China Wind Power 2021 exhibition and distributed at all our cooperated events & exhibitions regarding wind power & other renewable energy industries within the next two years (2022-2023).

German Wind Power Companies Directory is published by AHK Greater China · Shanghai

German Wind Power Company Directory 2022/2023

German Wind Power Company Directory 2020/2021

German Wind Power Company Directory 2018/2019

AHK Industry Zone Directory 2022/23

AHK Industry Zone Directory has been carefully designed by AHK Greater China to provide assistance to German companies evaluating expansion to China, as well as a preliminary, more comprehensive inspection of the Chinese investment environment prior to their own entrance. An initial batch of parks and/or cities that are deemed to be relatively mature in terms of both scale and quality, as well as a series of supporting services for enterprises could be found in this annual book.

If you are interested in advertising opportunities with AHK Industry Zone Directory 2023/2024, please contact Mr. Hao Zhi, Email: hao.zhi(at)

AHK Industry Zone Directory 2022/23

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