Economic Data

Our economic data sheets inform about key values of the bilateral trade and German investment in China.

The China Economic Outlook reports reveal a variety of significant key figures as well as an overview on the political and economic situation in China to enable an assessment of the current status and provide a foundation for all future prognosis.

Economic Data Sheet November 2018

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  • Fixed asset investment (5.7% y/y) continued the growth from September, up by 0.3% from Jan-Sept. Infrastructure investment (3.7% y/y) overseen by the government reversed the downward trend for the first time in 2018, up by 0.4%.
  • German investment spiked again in October. Recording $860 million, German FDI was higher than the August $790 million. The 2018 accumulated German investment by October was $2.75bn, exceeding the 2016 account of $2.7bn.
  • Despite the week-long national holiday, retails contracted from 9.2% in September to 8.6% in October, pointing to the recent consumption downgrade argument.

Economic Data Sheet October 2018

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  • Retails (9.2%y/y) continued growing from 9.0%y/y for Jan-Aug
  • German investment declined from the August spike but was still higher than other months in 2018. Increasing by $380mn, the September investment brought the 2018 accumulation to $1.89bn, exceeding the 2017 mark of $1.54bn
  • China foreign trade volume continued growing month-on-year but flattened year-on-year for both exports and imports. Nevertheless, total trade volume saw a new record of $421,7bn.

Economic Data Sheet September 2018

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  • Fixed asset investment (5.3%y/y) declined further by August, down by 0.2% from July. The infrastructure investment (4.2% y/y) showed no improvement, despite repeated government push.
  • Retails (9.0%y/y) rebounded slightly from 8.8%y/y in July, though still following a downward trend.
  • German investment spiked in August, up by $790mn, bringing the year’s accumulation to $1.51bn.
  • China’s foreign trade continued the July momentum, though growth fell by 7.3% and 2.3% for import and export respectively from July.

China Economic Update Q3 2018

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  • Third quarter GDP growth came in at 6.5%, short of expectations. With increasing pressure, the 2018 GDP growth of 6.5% is still within reach.
  • Foreign trade continues on growth trajectory but the negative effects of the US tariffs may sink in the fourth quarter.
  • Consumer price inflation settles at moderate 2.5%, producer price increases continue to slow down.
  • Service sector and retail sales continue growing, however overall economic development also faces challenges.