Dussmann Property Mgt. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The Whole Range of Facility Services from a Single Source

Dussmann China was founded in 1998 and has grown into one of the leading facility management companies in China.

The head office of Dussmann China is located in Shanghai with 7 branches across the country. The company employs almost 3000 people.  We provide highly professional and efficient customized facility management solutions to many different clients.

Whether you need security, cleaning, maintenance or catering services, we are at your service.


Meals for your requirements

Good nutrition is essential for well-being, for productivity and for general health. However,  in day-to-day life, it is often difficult to eat well. Often there is too little time, especially at work. The aim of all of our catering services is to ensure that people have access to healthy food, wherever they are. We have developed products which are adapted to differing needs and requirements – both in terms of nutrition and of taste.

All of our catering services share a few basic principles. For example we take sustainability seriously and the majority of our products come from regional suppliers. If the client wishes, we are happy to provide organic meals and we are able to cater to all special dietary needs.

The equipment we use is adapted to the situation of our clients and not the other way round. This applies to production processes, to the ordering and services systems as well as to payment systems. We are happy to provide for special and individual requests and develop solutions which go beyond just food preparation.

Catering for Staff Restaurants
Light and Fresh

There is an increasing focus on healthy eating in all sections of today’s society. Most people invest a lot of energy in eating well. But for those with long work days, it’s often difficult to organize meals around healthy, balanced nutrition.  

We can provide your organization with a staff catering concept that does just that.

We serve light, fresh cuisine that orients itself on the tastes and needs of your employees. The dishes on the meal plan are optimized in terms of calories and nutrient value and ingredients with a high nutrient density are used. When selecting produce, we maintain strict quality standards and purchase largely from local suppliers.

We offer a great deal of flexibility, adapting to the requirements of your staff and the needs of your operations.

If you would like to know more about staff catering, please call us or send us an email. We would be happy to hear from you.

Catering for Child Care Facilities
Imaginative and Healthy

We have developed a holistic catering concept with the needs of 2 to 6-year-olds in mind that offers both variety and enjoyment. It enables children, educators and parents to decide what is served.

A wide choice of foods helps children to develop healthy eating habits and to learn that eating together is fun. We support parents and educators in teaching children to enjoy healthy eating and to develop the associated social skills by organizing events and providing work materials and advice.

Food quality is subject to strict controls. Nutrient density of food is very high i.e. it contains a high proportion of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein but relatively little fat. We are also careful with sugar.

Catering for Schools
Healthy and Delicious

Our catering concepts for schools offer more than good food; the modular structure can be adapted to the individual requirements of each school. Students can select what they eat themselves and guidance on healthy eating is given. We are happy to cooperate with teachers and parents in nutritional education.

Of course the food needs to be good too: we serve the sort of meals that students enjoy and we place emphasis on careful preparation and first class ingredients. We use mostly seasonal products which we purchase from local suppliers.

We ask students to give us their feedback in a postbox in the canteen and carry out regular diner surveys.We ask students to give us their feedback and carry out regular diner surveys.


Cleaning Services
Maintaining the Value of Your Real Estate

Rationally speaking, cleaning services ensure cleanliness. Emotionally speaking, they make visitors feel welcome. Our portfolio includes the whole range of professional cleaning services. We develop an individual concept according to the needs of each client and orient our services meticulously on individual requirements. Services achieve not only high levels of quality but also best possible cost efficacy.

We ensure that the products and cleaning machinery used are easy on surface materials and environmentally compatible. Where existing products to not come up to the standards applied, we develop new products together with our supplies. The result is innovative cleaning services which play a significant role in maintaining the value of your property. And finally, comprehensive integrated quality management ensures that you can always rely on us. This engenders mutual trust and good cooperation.  

You can benefit from more than 50 years of experience in cleaning services. We would be happy to discuss the details of a cleaning concept that caters to your individual needs. 

Security Services
Ensuring the Safety of People and Property

Security concepts by Dussmann Service are prepared on the basis of the clients' individual needs. Faultless implementation is a combination of quality, personnel, documentation, organization and security technology. These factors are professionally coordinated and interlinked to ensure efficient operations.

For example, the deployment of modern security technology requires well-trained personnel. We select our security staff with care and provide initial training and regular further training. The documentation of security services needs to be comprehensive and comprehensible. This is not only important in terms of liability but also for organizational reasons. Our client-oriented quality management prescribes documentation of audits and procedures deploying computer-supported methods.

To ensure availability of technical security systems, we work closely with our technical services division. On request we can also provide the investment necessary for new technical security equipment.

Many of our clients have put their trust in Dussmann Service security services for many years now. We would be happy to provide references on request. Should you need an analysis of your organization’s security requirements, we would be pleased to prepare a proposal. 

Technical Services
Ensuring That You Can Rely on Your Technical Systems

To ensure high availability of your technical systems, it is important to take both sector-specific requirements and the nature of the individual technical systems into consideration.

Our personnel have experience in all of the technical systems utilized in buildings. Our services are organized to ensure that work processes are carried out effectively and individual services are interlinked to create synergies that lead to increased cost-efficiency.

We maintain high levels of quality and ensure compliance with legislation through computer-supported quality assurance as well as initial and further training of our personnel. You can depend on complete neutrality when you contract our technical services. We work independently of manufacturers and work exclusively in your interest.