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It can happen that customers do not pay. Correct?

If someone doesn't pay, we demand your money.

As B2B and B2C companies in the international area, you gain from highly automated business processes. In dialogue with the debtor we supply all debit-related processes, from one source. Our solutions are maximally transparent. The success of Diagonal GmbH is based on two pillars. Efficient, linked IT and human contact with the end customer.

We pursue your objectives relentlessly and yet remain human. In addition, we are maximally transparent and individual. Therefore, from all our modules we choose those that will suit you exactly.

Due to distance you don’t have the opportunities for consistent monitoring of the dunning process. High write-offs are the consequence. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let the professional have a go. If your debtors do not wish to cooperate, we will demand settlement of the outstanding amounts for you.

It’s efficient to back up dunning notices sent as letters, by email, text message or telephone. If a debtor remains in default despite extensive dunning notification, a dialogue is worthwhile. We telephone and agree payment by instalments.

We are there for you on-site. If necessary, we activate our external service team.

Please call us or write us an E-Mail.