Jaxmotech GmbH

Company Name: Jaxmotech GmbH

Given Name and Surname of the General Manager: Jacqueline Schmid

Country in which the Company is located: Germany

Does your company have representative offices abroad? If so, where? Hong Kong

Industry, type of business: Importer of Consumer Electronics and White Goods

Products or services offered: Consumer Electronics, White Goods

Description of previous or current cooperation’s with companies in Greater China: Supply of Consumer Electronics and White Goods

What kind of business contacts is the company looking for?: Specific cooperation partners

Specification for business contacts: Registered Brands for Consumer Electronics / White Goods available

Description of the project proposal:

German distributor for Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances, established in 1979, is offering registered well known active Trademark for Sale or Licensing. 50 Million Products have been sold under the Trademark in Europe.

The Trademark is perfectly suited for Manufacturers of mid level TV-, Audio-Products and/or Home Appliances, who want to enter the European Market.

In which region of China is the company looking for business partners?: Mainland China, Hong Kong

Contact person:

Jacqueline Schmid
Position of the contact person: Managing Director
Prefered comunication language: English
+49 172 8007906

Company address: Ostring 60, 66740 Saarlouis, Germany
Company website: www.jaxmotech.de