German pipe pressing tools manufacturer

Country in which the Company is located: Germany

Does your company have representative offices abroad? If so, where? Yes. The company has relevant buiness in Europa, Asia, Oceania and Russian Federation. 

Industry, type of business: 

Supplier for pipe pressing tools 

Products or services offered: pipe pressing tools 

What kind of business contacts is the company looking for?: supplier and manufacturer

Specification for business contacts: 

Medium-large to large companies, Financially stable companies, customers with a good market reputation, existing sales network. 

Description of the project proposal: 

German's pipe pressing tools manufacturer with more than 45 years experience is looking for plumbing wholesalers, importers and local contracts who need tolls for big projects. In additon the company is also looking for tool wholesaler supplying plumbing tools.  

In which region of China is the company looking for business partners?: Mainland China 

Contact person: 

German Industry & Commerce Greater China
Ms. MA Wendi
Phone: +86-10-6539-6634
E-Mail: ma.wendi(at)