German Instant saffron food producers looking for domestic distributors or importers

Company Name: TrueSaffron e.K.

Given Name and Surname of the General Manager: Puran Mirnejad

Country in which the Company is located: Germany

Industry, type of business: Producer and exporter of Saffron and its products like Saffron instant pasta and saffron instant rice.

Products or services offered: We are a company in Germany with immediate access to the abroad saffron Field. Saffron is unique due to the pleasant aroma and the golden color. In addition it serves as a healthy diet. It has been scientifically proven that saffron has a mood-enhancing effect. The pharmaceutical effects of saffron were documented 400 years ago by a Chinese pharmacist Shizhen Li in his extensive medical-pharmaceutical encyclopedia Bencao Gangmu. Recently we developed instant saffron pasta and Instant saffron rice. These are innovative products and there is not any competitor for these products. The manufacturing is doing in Germany and has IFS certification.

Specification for business contacts: We are looking for these kinds of business contacts: Business partner, distributor or Importer.

Description of the project proposal: 

Saffron is considered as luxury product. Therefore, these products with content of best quality of saffron are suitable for online and offline sale in specialty or first-class shops and supermarkets.

In which region of China the company is looking for business partners: Mainland China, North China, East China, South & Southwest China, Hong Kong