Investment Zones

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Wir sind die offizielle Repräsentanz der deutschen Wirtschaft in China und die zuverlässigste Informationsquelle für die chinesisch-deutsche Wirtschaft. Deutsche Unternehmen nutzen vor Investitionen regelmäßig unser umfangreiches Informationsangebot.

Jinan Innovation Zone

In 1991, approved by the State Council of China, the Jinan Innovation Zone(also called Jinan Hi-Tech Zone / Jinan Investment Zone) belonged to the first batch of national-level hi-tech development zones. Until now, the Jinan Innovation Zone has undergone a steady, big and fast development wit double digit GDP growth rates in recent years, passing 100 Billion RMB in 2018.


Taicang Investment Promotion Bureau of Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province

Located in Jiangsu Province just south of the Yangtze River, Taicang is a city renowned for its long history, rich culture and well-developed education system. With a history that spans more than 4,500 years, Taicang is nicknamed as the "Beautiful Golden City of the Southern Yangtze".


Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone

Jiaxing economic and technological development zone is located in jiaxing city downtown area, is a typical city development zone, founded in August 1992, is the first batch of zhejiang provincial government approved by the provincial economic development zone, in March 2010, upgraded to state-level economic and technological development zone by the state council for approval.


Tianjin Wuqing Development Area (UDA)

Founded on 28th Dec.1991, UDA is both the national High-Tech Industrial Park and national Economic & Technological Development Area located between Peking and Tianjin. The mature area is 40, and the planning area is 15