Mar 20

[Seminar] Mindful Leadership Experiential Salon






Event Start
20/03/2019 | 09:30
Event End
20/03/2019 | 12:30
GCC member: RMB 300/seat 会员:300 人民币/每位
Nonmember: RMB 350/seat 非会员:350 人民币/每位
Including lecture, course materials, refreshments 含会务费、资料费
Event Language
Chinese (can be adjusted to English) 中文 (可根据需求调整为英文)
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Background   背景介绍

Mindfulness is a skill, it is like developing our mental muscles. It trains us to become more aware of our thoughts, feeling, actions, emotions and intention. Rather than reacting to it impulsively, this awareness gives us more choices about how we relate to situations and people.



Contents  内容

  • The reality of people engagement in organizations   团队在组织里参与度的真相
  • Two most important thing that will increase your team performance   提高团队绩效的两样法宝
  • Blind spots and self-awareness   盲点与知我觉察
  • Root causes of misunderstanding and mistrust in organization   导致误会与缺乏互信的导因
  • Perception and teamwork   驱动认知与团队合作
  • World trends and business cases of EQ and mindfulness in organization   情商及正念的世界趋势与商业案例
  • Brain science behind mindfulness practice   有关正念实习的科学证据
  • Ways to increase self-awareness   增加自我觉察的方法
  • Developing adaptability through the Flip It game   通过Flip It 游戏建立适应性


Target Group  参加对象

Middle and senior management   中高管理层


Facilitator  讲师

Mr. Daniel YEO

  • Fifteen years of extensive experience in world’s leading German multi-national company in Business development, channel management, sales performance coaching and training; working with middle to senior level managers to develop their leadership competencies   在世界领先德国跨国公司拥有十五年的业务发展、渠道管理、销售业绩指导和培训经验;与中高管理人员合作,发展他们的领导力;
  • Founder of the Mindful Leadership™ Program, working on individuals and leaders to develop a sustainable high-performance mindset;   Mindful Leadership™创始人,致力培养个人与领导层可持续的高绩效思维模式;
  • Clients included, Greenland Group, DELL, Agilent Technologies, Singapore Ministry of Education, Keppel Land China etc.   客户包括绿地集团、DELL、Agilent Technologies、吉宝置业中国、新加坡教育部等。



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