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Storage Rack Safety & Lifecycle Guarantee



Unit 1903 Leatop Plaza, No. 32 Zhujiang East Road, Tianhe District
510620 Guangzhou

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14/06/2019 | 14:00
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14/06/2019 | 17:30
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Chinese 中文
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Learning Objective 学习目标

At present, owing to the various standards of storage racks, the manufacturers are confused that which standard they should apply and how to establish the requirements for acceptance check. The safety of storage rack plays an important role in the current logistics context, hence the safety technology of storage rack lifecycle becomes a common demand for both manufacturers and purchasers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics, the industrial injury rate in warehousing is 6.51% per 100 employees, and the average industrial injury rate in the whole industry is 1.64%. As an indispensable part of supply chain, once an accident occurs in storage, it is very likely to cause supply chain interruption. In this constantly-changing environment, the cost of supply chain interruption is often unbearable to enterprises. It is important to avoid interruption of the supply chain by optimizing storage safety, but it is neglected. At present, there is a big gap between domestic enterprises and American and European enterprises in storage safety management. We need to learn relevant management methods from them.

目前,仓储货架的标准繁多,这无论是对货架制造商制定生产标准,还是对货架购买方设立技术验收条件,都造成了困惑。在现今物流时代,仓储货架的安全显得额外重要。因此,买卖双方对仓储货架生命周期的安全技术存在着共同需求。 根据美国职业安全与健康监察局(OSHA) 的统计数据,每100名仓储员工的工伤率为6.51%,全行业的平均工伤率为1.64%。仓储作为供应链中不可或缺的一环,一旦发生安全事故,很有可能造成供应链的中断。在这个追求迅速响应的时代,供应链中断的成本常常让企业难以承受。做好仓储安全措施能避免供应链中断,但这一环节却被忽视。目前国内企业的仓储安全管理现状与欧美企业相比,存在比较大的差距,我们需要学习借鉴欧美仓储安全管理的方法。


Course Content 课程内容

  • Storage rack safety protection   货架安全防护
  • Storage rack safety management   货架安全管理
  • Storage management of staff and vehicle   货架区人员及车辆管理


Target Group 参加对象

EHS Staff, Machinery Engineer, Factory Manager

EHS从业人员、机械工程师、 工厂管理人员


Trainer 培训师

Filippo WEI

Filippo Wei, graduated from Qingdao University of Science and Technology, currently serves as Product Manager of Rack Storage System in TUV SUD. As an authorized rack inspector in TUV SUD Group, Filippo is also the standard maker of the warehouse safety in TUV SUD China, with rich experience in warehousing safety services and risk assessment projects. He worked for Huawei, COFCO, HAVI etc. to provide storage safety services.

韦老师,毕业于青岛科技大学,目前在TUV SUD广州分公司担任货架存储系统产品经理一职。作为TUV SUD集团授权的货架检验工程师,同时也是TUV SUD中国的仓储货架安全标准的制定者,拥有丰富的仓储安全服务和机械风险评估项目经验,曾为华为集团、中粮集团、夏晖集团、玛氏集团等企业提供仓储安全服务。

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