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PowerPoint Application Training – Easy Design and Perfect Presentation




Event Start
19/03/2019 | 09:30
Event End
19/03/2019 | 17:30
GCC member: RMB 1,600/seat 会员:1,600 人民币
Nonmember: RMB 1,800/seat 非会员:1,800 人民币
Including lecture, course materials, refreshments and lunch 含会务费、资料费、午餐费
Event Language
Chinese 中文
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Learning Objectives 学习目标

The course will focus on how to develop logical thoughts, how your thoughts can be expressed completely and effectively and how the key points can be conveyed while leaving out unimportant information. After the course you will master the main functions of the software and know how to apply the Pyramid Principle to the structures and the frameworks, so that you could present your contents in a logical way.

本课程将解答演示准备过程中如何逻辑清晰地进行思考,如何表达得完整、充分、清楚、有效,如何不受非重要因素干扰,抓住关键点、突出重点、主次分明。通过此课程你将学会熟悉软件本身的操作,并使用金字塔原则高效率地制作出专业的 PowerPoint 商务演示文稿,顺畅地展示及分享你的PowerPoint。


Course Content 课程内容

Concept: What’s the Core of PPT   理念篇:PPT的核心是什么

  • Make your PPT to tell stories   让你的PPT讲故事
  • Make a free-spirited “clickbait”   做个任性的“标题党”
  • Details that cannot be ignored in the structure   细节决定成败:结构中不容忽视的细节

Structure: Design PowerPoint With Logics and Orders   结构篇:让PPT更有逻辑和条理

  • Think of your PowerPoint as a whole   整体构思,找出一条线索
  • Establish clear and understandable logical structure   建立清晰易懂的逻辑结构

Presentation: Present With Visualization Methods   呈现篇:用视觉化的方式呈现内容

  • Customize your own version   自定义您的专属版式
  • The secret of stunning image composition   高大上图片排版的秘密
  • Animation design -- more than perfect   锦上添花的动画设计

Resource Support and Continuous Improvement   资源支持和持续改进

  • Learning resources   学习资源支持
  • Communication platform   分享交流平台
  • Advanced function widgets   增强PPT功能的小插件
  • Sharing: outstanding commercial PowerPoint   分享:优秀商务型PPT作品


Target Group 参加对象

Everyone with experience in creating PPTs and would like to improve their presentation skills.



Trainer 培训师

Ms. Binny GAN 甘彬

  • More than 10 years’ experience as a professional lecturer   超过10年职业讲师经验
  • Microsoft MCT Certificated Lecturer, Microsoft Certificated Professional (MCP), Microsoft Office Software International Certificated MOS Master Professional   微软MCT 认证讲师、微软认证技术专家(MCP)、 微软办公软件国际认证MOS大师级专家
  • The creator of official account ‘Enjoyoffice’   “快乐享用Office”公众号创始人
  • The developer of ‘Enjoyoffice’ plug-in components  让Office操作变得简单和轻松的“Enjoyoffice”插件的开发者
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