Apr 09 until Apr 10

Key Account Management Workshop



Unit 1903 Leatop Plaza, No. 32 Zhujiang East Road, Tianhe District
510620 Guangzhou

Event Start
09/04/2019 | 09:30
Event End
10/04/2019 | 17:30
GCC member: RMB 3,600/seat 会员:3,600 人民币/每位
Nonmember: RMB 4,000/seat 非会员:4,000 人民币/每位
Including lecture, course materials, refreshments and lunch 含会务费、资料费、午餐费
Event Language
Chinese 中文
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Learning Objective 学习目标

While you are aiming at the key account of your competitors, they are doing the same. To keep the major profits, you have to gain and manage all the key accounts. This workshop aims at helping participants to learn how to manage the key accounts well by: understanding the definition and the role of a key account, analyzing the organization structure and political status of the key account, anticipating the activities of your competitors and the effective way to influence the decision makers.

每家公司的关键客户往往也是其竞争对手的目标, 反之亦然。公司的利润绝大程度上取决于能否获得,维护并发展公司的关键客户。 本工作坊旨在帮助学员针对每个客户 (包括复杂的长期客户)的情况来策划和执行关键客户的管理理论、过程与所需的技能,使他们懂得分析关键客户的企业组织结构和政治态势,学习如何面对竞争, 激励对方机构内的影响者和决策者。


Course Content 课程内容

Key Account Definition   关键客户的定义

Role of Account Manager in Key Account Management   客户经理在关键客户管理中的风格和角色

Key Account Identification and Selection   如何确定您的关键客户

  • Pre-key account stage   前期关键客户阶段
  • Early key account stage   初期关键客户阶段
  • Strong key account stage   中段关键客户阶段
  • Partnership key account stage   合作伙伴关键客户阶段
  • Strategic alliance key account stage   战略联盟关键客户阶段

The Key Account Management System and Application   认识关键客户管理系统与应用

  • Reach: background, competition, stakeholders, etc.   研究:背景、架构、市场、竞争等
  • Analysis: positioning, power, priorities, SWOT, etc.   分析:定位、SWOT、 人事、准则等
  • Strategy: business value, revenue forecast, resource decision, etc.   战略:商业价值、资源预测、 利润预测等
  • Tactics: tactical A/C plan, key activities, counter tactics, etc.   战术:关键事项计划、竞争手段与反制战术等


Target Group 参加对象

All account managers and related staffs of sales force in the organization



Trainer 培训师

Mr. Bee LAM 

  • Graduated in Sociology from Baptists University Hong Kong   毕业于香港浸会大学社会科学
  • Has been engaged in sales and sales management, business, quality and customer services improvement for more than 15 years   从事销售、管理、质量和客户服务的改善超过15年
  • Is a certified facilitator for Huthwaite SPIN and Wilson Learning, NLP Certified Practitioner    美国Huthwaite SPIN 和Wilson Learning国际培训顾问机构认证讲师,国际认证身心语言程序学(NLP)认证执行师



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