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Intercultural Conflict Management - German & Chinese Perspectives




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14/03/2019 | 09:00
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15/03/2019 | 17:00
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目标与内容 Objectives and Content

With the increase awareness of conflicts to de-motivate staff and to cause managerial ineffectiveness, skills required for managing conflicts would be essential for creating a highly effective team. Working in a multicultural environment, especially for Germans and Chinese from different cultural backgrounds to work together, shared understanding on how to reach consensus is the key for organizational effectiveness. This course is tailored to focus on issues involved in cross-cultural communication, negotiation and conflict resolution - German and Chinese perspectives. Participants would be able to understand roots of conflict and how to handle it. In order to reach consensus between oneself and others, this two-day program will explore how effective intercultural communication can influence positive team performance and global management.

全球化的布局带领企业将部份技术、人力转移至国外,以扩大市场的竞争力。当这经贸实力需要面临转型时,其物质文明成长的背后,是否应伴随着等质的人文智慧陶冶,以带动总体产业升级,的确值得重视。以中国或德国而言,企业在朝海外市场拓展时,就已将新兴的文化与行为模式,透过商业交流,传递到贸易地主国,此时彼此间的互动,就开始了另一文化融合与交流。一个人的行为、态度和思想,以至于管理、沟通,都和其源由的文化和背景有着密切的关联。没有人可以声称自己的文化是最好的。跨文化的地球村和多元文化的团队共事已是许多人的生活常态。对跨国企业诸如德中合作的企业而言,若因文化差异造成误解,可能会导致彼此关系紧张或达到事倍功半的效果。组织内部冲突产生会影响和降低工作效能, 德国商会特别把德国人和中国人之间的有效沟通,设定为这一培训课程的主题。这两天的课程, 德中跨文化冲突管理, 将从跨文化的思维, 深入剖析冲突的根源, 和共同探讨如何走出传统沟通与协商的模式 , 让在跨文化团队工作的伙伴,  与他人共事时更能得心应手。

参加对象 Target Group  

Managers working in multinationals or participants feel interested in intercultural conflict management. Proficiency in English.  

在跨国企业工作的经理人或一般对跨文化议题有兴趣的学员, 英语流利。

大纲 Outline

Nature of Conflicts - definition, causality and consequences

Situational conflicts and their impacts in the workplace

Conflicts in you, among you and others, among team members - German and Chinese perspectives

Problem Solving - key skills and techniques for conflict management

Mediation, Coaching, Facilitation, and Managing Change for Conflict Resolution

Developing Corporate Shared Vision, Synergies, and Action Plan 

冲突产生的原因, 定义和影响

和自己的冲突, 和他人或团队的冲突

因情形和状况不同, 所产生的冲突和对工作造成的影响

德中文化对沟通与冲突管理的异同解决问题 - 了解产生冲突的根本和提升



创造愿景, 凝聚力和具体实践的方案

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